Waterfall Canyon Hike


Waterfall Canyon Hiking


A mildly challenging Waterfall Canyon Hike makes for a beautiful waterfall tour on our private reserve trails.

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A mildly challenging Waterfall Canyon Hiking experience makes for a beautiful waterfall tour on our private reserve trails. Awaiting you on the waterfall canyon are the “Gemelas” waterfalls that offer beautiful raw and wild scenery with the sound and views of rushing river water always present. Many stops will be provided where you can relax near the water, or if you decide, you can get into the various cool water ponds and swimming holes found throughout the hike. At the end of the Waterfall Canyon Hike you will visit the El Encanto waterfall with over 180 feet of falls.

Keep your eyes opened on our Waterfall Canyon Hike as it’s typical to spot interesting local residents of this forest: Scarlet macaws, two toed sloths, green spotted frogs, toucans and white faced monkeys…all these and more call this reserve home!

Tour info
● 2 Hours
● 1.6 kilometers
● 3 private waterfalls
● Various swimming holes
● Certified naturalist Guides


-Liz K, St. Louis, Missouri / TripAdvisor Testimony

“BEST VACATION EVER!” The absolute highlight of our trip was our experience at Ocean Ranch Eco Adventure Park. To say that our adventures there were phenomenal would be an understatement…The adventure park is good for families, friends, couples, and even solo trips.

-Emily M, Florida / TripAdvisor Testimony

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