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4 Best Coffee Plantations to Visit in Costa Rica


Coffee has a strong connection with Costa Rica’s hospitality and family traditions. It is currently offered to guests as a welcome beverage to socialize following your afternoon siesta or nap, and accompanied by local pastries such as corn cakes or empanadas. Get a taste of Costa Rica’s vibrant history with these four coffee plantations!

Hacienda Espíritu Santo
This plantation is located in the town of Naranjo, just outside of San Jose. This six hundred plus acre coffee plantation offers an immersive, detailed tour of the Hacienda Espíritu Santo facilities. The journey is divided into seven stations, from the initial steps of maintaining the coffee crops to their showroom or casita where you will see the traditional Costa Rican way of brewing coffee or café chorreado.

You can learn the process of harvesting and roasting and all the work involved in the production of their beans. You could also take a look at the evolution of its production process, as well as the role of the oxcart national symbol and how it was used as a mean of transporting coffee.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Tour
Finca Rosa Blanca is a boutique-style property offering its guests the chance to discover the renowned coffee plantation. This is a fun activity for visitors, located in the greater Central Valley area and less than one hour from the international airport in San Jose. The beautiful green surroundings make this a great easy-breezy way to enhance your authentic Costa Rica vacation with views of the nearby volcanoes.

You can learn how organic coffee is grown, dried, harvested and processed. During the harvest season, which is October to January, you could even participate in the picking! Take your love of coffee to the next level with a demonstration of how experts test and rate gourmet coffee. Feel free to practice your skills at the coffee bar and make your favorite! Relax and claim your spot in one of the spacious decks while you take in the fresh air of the central valley after the tour.

Doka Estate
Doka Estate is one of the largest coffee and sugarcane plantations in Costa Rica. This family-owned business represents the agricultural heritage and Costa Rica’s history. Here you will find the oldest wet mill in the country. You can enjoy a guided walk around the charming property and take your mental notes about all the processes involved in making a quality cup of coffee.

This is a good choice for those who choose the San Jose area has a hub between destinations. Utilize your free day and add this activity.

Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate
Whether it is a part of your morning routine or you simply love the taste, there are a lot of reasons to get a good cup of coffee. But when you wake up surrounded by one of the most famous cloud forests on Earth, breathing in the crisp-clean air just outside your eco-lodge, you will naturally have a craving for a warm cup of coffee. This is the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest. This mystifying destination offers much more to travelers in the form of local coffee culture in addition to the obligatory nature hikes.

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