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4 Tips for Visiting Costa Rica with Small Children


As a parent of young kids who loves traveling, you can sometimes have it rough traveling with the constant need to have your kid around. But this is not usually the case when it comes to Costa Rica travels. In fact, traveling to this country with kids can be surprisingly easy because the country’s cultural values children a lot and integrates them into every aspect of their daily lives.

Most travelers would consider Costa Rica to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. You would do your kids a great service by bringing them here to have fun and the best times of their lives. Read below to find out how you can do just that with your small children while traveling to Costa Rica.

1. Don’t carry snacks from home

The first thing that you will notice from the moment you enter this beautiful country is that there is literally a supermarket or store on every corner. So, why bother carrying food or any other supplies for your kids when you can buy them only when you need them? You will find a myriad of organic and kid-friendly products in these stores. Truth be told, you can’t find most of these products anywhere else in the world. Where else will you find yummy granola bars or even fruitcakes that are made with cane sugar like in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica also has fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown organically. So, rest assured that you and your kids will be eating healthy meals throughout the entire trip.

2. Pharmacies have everything

The Costa Rican pharmacies have drugs plus highly trained and qualified pharmacists and doctors to serve you. In the event that you or your small children fall ill during your travel, you can always contact and/or consult with the pharmacists or doctors at NO cost. You will be in good hands in Costa Rica.

3. No waiting in long queues in banks

In Costa Rica, there will be no need to wait in long queues in banks and waste a lot of your precious vacation time. You can use your debit or credit cards in the many national and international banks within the country. There are literally thousands of ATMs at almost every corner which allow you to access your money in dollars or the local currency instantly.

4. The diapers are amazing

The diapers can go for as low as $0.20 for each diaper. This is very cost-friendly. Huggies Active is a Costa Rican manufactured product. This makes the purchase of the product in the country a lot cheaper than in other parts of the world. Your small children will always have clean and fresh diapers on them at all times as they are very affordable and easily accessible as well. So, you should know that there is no need to pack these essentials when traveling to Costa Rica. There are stores that just specialize in diapers as well.

Do you have a question about traveling to Costa Rica with small children? Click here to contact Ocean Ranch Park today!