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6 Traditional Costa Rican Foods You Have to Try



Apart from just visiting new places, many people see traveling as also diving into another culture. People cannot wait to experience food from a different place as it is one of the defining parts of the place they visit. Costa Rican food is something new, fresh, and not what is usually eaten at home. This country some traditional flavors that can deliciously linger on your taste buds.

Check out these Costa Rican traditional foods prepared for you below.

1. Tamales

Masa, a corn-based filling, is used to make tamales in Costa Rica. The tamales contain small pieces of meat and vegetables. A banana leaf is used to fold the filling after it is steamed or cooked in boiling water. This may be a hard dish for you to find since it is a seasonal treat. You might be able to find it during the holidays, especially on Christmas, but not at all times.

2. Casados

In Costa Rica, this is the top lunch staple. It is a mixture of food rich in protein such as fish and pork, red beans, white rice, red or black beans, a piece of plantain that has been fried and a variety of different side salads. You will know that you have found a good casados restaurant if you find the place packed with locals. Casados go for about five to six dollars and sometimes includes a fruit drink.

3. Pescado Entero

This name translates to “whole fried fish.” The fish is usually a medium-sized Pargo, red snapper and is cooked fresh. Even though it may seem bland at first, the fish has a moist texture and flavorful taste. It will definitely make your mouth water.

4. Arroz con Pollo

This dish, loosely translating to rice with chicken, is also popular for lunch or dinner in Costa Rica. It consists of pan-fried rice loaded with a variety of seasonings, shredded chicken, and vegetables. French fries and a small side salad usually accompany this dish. It also comes in other variations where the chicken is replaced by shrimp, squid, or octopus. This gives you a variety to choose from depending on your liking.

5. Ceviche

Pescado (fish), mixto (mixed seafood), and camarones (shrimp) are some of the delicious types of ceviche to choose from. Ceviche is a raw dish, but the lime juice somewhat tenderizes and cooks the fish. Sweet peppers and finely chopped onions and cilantro can make the dish more appetizing. You can be assured of fresh seafood knowing that Costa Rica is surrounded by the Caribbean and the Pacific coastlines.

6. Chifrijo

This dish is most commonly known as bar food. It is a combination of fresh pico de gallo, rice, beans, and fried chunks of meat in a bowl. This is then topped with jalapeno peppers, some tortilla chips, and at times, sliced avocado. This dish is perfect for you if you are not looking for a big meal.

These are samples of culinary delights from Costa Rica that you may want to try out. This country is great and the food is to savor.

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