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Why Americans Are Retiring in Costa Rica


Retiring in Costa Rica

There is a saying in Costa Rica called “Pura Vida.” It translates word for word to “pure life” and is used in everyday conversation. If this attitude attracts you, you may want to consider retiring in Costa Rica. This country of over four million is tucked between Nicaragua in the north, Panama in the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea in the east.

Costa Rica might truly have it all: modern cities, lush valleys, an all year-round tropical climate, hillside villages, Pacific coastline, quiet rural areas, Caribbean beaches, rainforests and mountains.

According to the United States Department of State, more than twenty thousand United States expatriates live in Costa Rica, most of them as retirees. They choose to live here because Costa Rica has one of the highest standards of living in Central America. With an economy catering to a growing middle class and tourists from around the world, you will have no trouble finding galleries, theaters and fine dining in virtually any cuisine. There is also reliable electrical service, excellent healthcare, reliable electrical service, high-speed internet in seemingly remote areas, clean water you can drink from the tap and good cell phone coverage. In addition to the natural beauty, culture, welcoming attitude of the ticos and convenience, Costa Rica appeals to many expats with its lower cost of living and slower pace of life.

The Central Valley of Costa Rica is the region surrounding the capital city of San José and the international airport. Most retirees choose this destination because the medical facilities feature top physicians in both the public and private systems. The Central Valley has services and amenities that are ranked the greatest in the country.

The Central Pacific coast from Jacó to Quepos is also a retiree destination. The amenities of San José are just an hour to two hours away. You can enjoy the fun of bustling beach towns with a great restaurant scene, great nightlife and more. While this is one of the most developed beach areas, there is still a lot of natural beauty, including some of Costa Rica’s best national parks.

What is the Cost of Retiring in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is not the place for cheap living. It is the most expensive country in the Central America region. In most ways, it is a victim of its own success. It is safe and has a growing economy. However in Costa Rica, you will find a high standard of living that is still far below the cost of living in the United States.

The cost depends on your lifestyle. But most expats report living comfortably on budgets of between two thousand dollars and three thousand dollars per month. Depending on the location, rents range from three hundred to six hundred dollars per month for a small home or condo to twelve hundred to two thousand dollars per month for a large house with a large yard.

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