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Some Animals to Be Aware of in Costa Rica


You’ve probably heard about one or two animals to be aware of in Costa Rica but, an entire list? Well, the fact is that Costa Rica’s most popular and adventurous activities involve going into the wild.

This is precisely the reason why a large number of people choose this paradisiacal piece of land to let go of stress. Costa Ricans have combined the natural beauty and charm of their land with their friendly manners and warmth to create fantastic and new ways to have fun.

Adventure All Around

Costa Rica is a gold mine to adventurers all around the globe. It offers a huge number of outdoors activities that range from the most relaxing to the most exciting ones. If you like natural scenery and excitement you could take a tour to go sport fishing, or crocodile watching tour. There are even relaxing tours like the bird watching tour and trips on a catamaran!

But if you like adrenaline, there are plenty of risky activities to do as well. You can ride an ATV, go zip lining over the rain forest, or do a waterfall rappel. There are even some companies, such as Ocean Ranch Park that offer combined activities in just one tour, like the extreme canyoning tour – a combination of hiking, waterfall rappel, and zip lining. That’s something you’ll definitely remember for a long time!

But when you plan your vacation into the wild, you need to make sure you’ll keep the risk to the minimum. That’s when a list of animals to be aware of in Costa Rica comes in handy.

Land Animals to be Aware of in Costa Rica

Snakes: These stealthy creatures can come really close to your before you notice its presence. That’s why being aware of your surroundings is crucial.

One of the most famous snakes in Costa Rica is the Fer-de-Lance snake – a viper with a fatal bite. It has a triangular head, and it’s gray and brown. Pay close attention if you visit the Corcovado National Park.

Another snake that deserves your attention is the eyelash viper snake. It has the red, yellow, green, and brown combination of colors. Its head has the shape of a small diamond, and you can see it in Manuel Antonio National Park and Cerro de la Muerte.

And last but not least on the list of the most dangerous snakes in Costa Rica, we have the coral snake –a small, fanged reclusive snake that will only bite you as its last resort. If you get a bite from this fiend, make sure you get immediate help.

Be especially aware of this snake in Arenal Volcano National Park.

Big Cats: These majestic creatures are known for their independence and their sharp senses. But big cats also have the strength to defend their territory, their prey, and their kittens.

One of the major animals to be aware of in Costa Rica is the Puma. This elusive cat will do anything to stay away from you, but if you come across one of them, please make sure you’re nowhere near its babies. The Puma lives in Santa Rosa National Park.

Another big cat in the region is the Jaguar. If you see one, experts recommend staying calm and moving back slowly. This magnificent cat is found in Corcovado National Park.

Poison Dart Frogs: Their vivid color can attract the attention of anyone! They are gorgeous and deadly at the same time. If you see one tiny frog with vibrant colors, just continue your tour and let it get away.

Their poison can cause heart attacks so if you touch one, please wash your hands. You can find them in Carara and Cahuita National Parks.

Water Creatures

Crocodiles: This terrifying creature has been on the planet long enough to build its reputation. It’s big, it’s sneaky, and most importantly, it’s super powerful. But don’t worry, if you stay attentive to your tour guide instructions and are cautious, there shouldn’t be any unfortunate encounter.

They are mostly seen on the Tarcoles River.

animals to be aware of in Costa Rica

Bull Shark: Sharks are creepy, that’s no secret. However, they are fascinating due to their power and their hunting techniques.  If you feel lucky enough to go for a swim with these big beasts, please make sure your guide is right by your side at all times. That way if something goes wrong, you just have to swim faster. Just kidding, preventive measures are never too many when it comes to sharks.

As you can see, fun and excitement never end in this beautiful country. Feel the thrill of experiencing nature in its purest state. Just remember, it’s not a zoo, and there are no bars to separate you from the wild. If you’re planning your vacation into the wild, don’t forget to take our list of “animals to be aware of in Costa Rica” with you to enjoy your time off better.

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