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Best Honeymoon Fund Ideas for 2017

Now that most people these days are asking for money rather than gifts, it’s important to come up with quality honeymoon fund ideas before you get the money. The main reason for this is most couples see the amount in their account and just end up spending it over the course of a few years instead of putting it toward anything specific.


Making a clear and actionable plan for your money is the best way to ensure that the money is always going to be there when you need it. We have a few good suggestions for how to spend your money to better your future together.


Save It

This may be the most unpopular of our honeymoon fund ideas but stay with us for a second. If you hold on to the money and put it towards a bigger purchase, like a house, or invest in something safe, like an index fund, you’ll be setting your marriage up for a long and successful future.

honeymoon fund ideas

Putting all the money toward a home purchase means saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the length of your mortgage. Putting as much upfront as you possibly can will pay you pack more than you can even imagine.


The other option was investing. Investing is another way to ensure that your money grows while you are figuring out how to spend it down the line. An even better idea is to hold off on spending it for as long as possible and let it grow until it becomes a large enough sum to live off the earnings. This isn’t for everyone, but if you can do it you’ll be able to retire far sooner than your friends!


Take a Trip Somewhere Exotic

Wanderlust is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. In fact, traveling is one of the best things that you can do to strengthen the bonds of your marriage. That being said, it’s important to try to pick a destination that is far outside of the usual areas that you might be able to frequent.


We suggest that you aim for another state, preferably country, at the very least. This will ensure that the experiences you will have on your honeymoon together will have a lasting impression.


It’s best to go on adventures while you’re on your honeymoon rather than just sitting around and soaking up the sun while drinking. Don’t get us wrong; you should definitely make time for both! But what will you remember more, that cocktail you had at the pool or the view from a zipline?


Step outside of your comfort zone and see some crocodiles, you’ll still be able to catch a beautiful sunset from the hotel afterward!


Start Something New

We think couples now more than ever before, should work on creating something that will create a side income for your household for years to come. In other words, work on starting a small business that you can both make in the hours after work. Even gaining a few hundred dollars a month can turn into your children’s college tuition fund years from now.


Better yet, if you can build a side income, you might be able to make it into a full-time income in the future. If this happens, you’ll be able to quit and work from home. What better way to spend your money than by giving yourself freedom for the rest of your life.

honeymoon fund ideas

The only thing we want to stress about this idea is to do your research before you open the doors of your business. It would be a shame to just go with your gut and have it turn out to fail. That would cause quite a bit of stress that your marriage doesn’t need!


Do It All!

Ideally, it would be great to get all three of these ideas in motion. If you’re able to invest a portion, use a portion for an adventurous trip, and use a portion to start a small business for you both to work together on, then you’re already ahead of 90% of couples out there. Even just getting started will invest you both more in your marriage in the first few months than most people will ever be on their own marriage.


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We know that you’re probably looking at all of your honeymoon fund ideas differently, but don’t let that change you from actually taking a trip to somewhere beautiful. If you have any more questions about adventure tours, call us at (US) 949-208-1158, or (Costa Rica) 506-2643-2182, or email us at!