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Costa Rica Adventure: Vol. 7 – Tiffany Finn’s Adventure


¡Hola mis amigos! Welcome back to another episode of Costa Rica Adventures! For Volume 7 follow along with travel blogger Tiffany Finn and her friend Sarah Alviar.  Tiffany is a Californian native living in Las Vegas who has a passion for exploring!  She recently took a trip to Costa Rica and joined forces with us here at Ocean Ranch Parks to adventure on our Horseback Riding, Waterfall Rappel and Canopy Zipline tours. Our Horseback Riding tour is perfect for those who love to experience nature up close and personal as we gallop through the deep forest of Jaco Costa Rica.  You do not need to be a proficient in horseback riding given that we will guide you every step of the way to ensure an experience you will never forget.

“We loved our guides Jose and Lamar, they were funny, helpful, and very informative!” – Tiffany Finn


Tiffany then went on with the Waterfall Rappel tour, which is perfect for those who like to be a bit more adventurous just like Tiffany.  Here you get to feel the running water between your toes as you glide down the rocky waterfall.  Don’t forget to take in your surroundings as this is a tour you will not want to forget!


Finally we approach the last tour, Canopy Zipline.  This is where Tiffany got to hang upside down as she soared through the luscious green forest. Nothing is better than getting to feel so free and exposed in a safe environment.

Weeeeeee!!! ✌🏼️☁️🐒 #oceanranchpark #ziplining #costarica #adventure #3amigasdocentralamerica

A photo posted by Tiffany Finn (@tiffinn_) on Oct 30, 2015 at 3:59pm PDT

Ocean Ranch Park exceeded every expectation I had. I’ve zip lined before, but never with such amazing and entertaining tour guides a breathtaking view! My friend and I booked a combined tour of horseback riding, waterfall rapelling, and ziplining. SUCH an amazing combination. We started with horseback riding through their property where we got a tour of all the different plants and wildlife, while we headed to the waterfall. The horses were so gentle and happy! (All of the horses and cows that are on the property have free range of the entire ocean ranch park!) Next was the waterfall rapelling, and let me just say how terrified of heights I am. With their short training session and safety guidelines, it was all adrenaline and no fear. So much fun! Next we did the ziplining… not one zip line but all eight! Ocean Ranch Park was definitely one of my favorite memories of Costa Rica. Thank you!!! – Sarah Alviar


There are so many activities to do while adventuring here in Costa Rica!  We are so happy Tiffany enjoyed herself and we would love nothing more than to see her again!  To follow up with her many other excursions visit her at Here at Ocean Ranch Park we love to see what tours you like most and how you capture your experience.

Are you thinking about coming to Ocean Ranch Park for an authentic Costa Rica adventure? Don’t hesitate! You can book your adventure tour directly below or contact us at the following info. Pura Vida!


USA Phone: (949) 208-1158

Costa Rica Phone: (506) 2643-2182


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Stay Adventurous and keep up to date with us to find out about special promotions! Pura Vida!