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Why Costa Rica is the Best Place for a Family Vacation


You really can’t beat the gorgeous country of Costa Rica when it comes to family vacations. It’s full of jungles, beaches, volcanoes and abundant wildlife. There is also the advantage of no jet lag for people who are traveling from North America!

When is the best time to go to Costa Rica with kids?

Costa Rica has two seasons:

  • Invierno: winter, rainy season
  • Verano: summer, dry season

Usually the dry season is hot and wet season is rainy, green and much cooler.

How many days should you spend in Costa Rica?

We recommend a minimum of seven days. This includes the days you fly in and out of the country to visit the inland part of Jaco to go extreme canyoning or ziplining.  You can get by with as few as five days if you would like to hit one location and don’t have any more days to spare.

What are some great Costa Rica itineraries for kids?

When it comes to nature activities, Costa Rica has it all: beaches, cloud forests, caves, volcanoes, wetlands, mangrove forests, mountains, horseback riding, waterfalls and more!  An abundance of choices could make it tough to pinpoint the itinerary that will work best for you.

Can you travel to Costa Rica if you have a baby?

Costa Rica could be a great place to travel with a toddler or baby. Traveling with friends and a shared babysitter can give you a lot of flexibility.

Would it be safe to travel in Costa Rica with kids?

Costa Rica is typically considered a safe country to travel to with family.  But just like any international destination in the world, you need to make safety a number one priority.

Renting a car in Costa Rica

Renting a car and traveling on your own could be an affordable way to explore Costa Rica with kids. You should keep in mind that roads are not well marked and are often in poor condition. You will definitely want to bring or rent a GPS system. Most car rental companies will require you to rent a 4WD vehicle if you plan on visiting places off the main highways.

What is it like to drive in Costa Rica?

If your children are not the most patient, you will want to keep the driving time as short as possible. We highly recommend spending at least two to three nights at each location.

Where can you view the best wildlife in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the world’s top twenty countries with the greatest biodiversity and wildlife. With the mountain ranges, two coasts, and everything in between, Costa Rica has a huge variety of ecosystems packed into a tiny country of less than twenty thousand square miles. Each ecosystem is chock full of its own wildlife. We recommend the crocodile and bird watching tours!

Renting a home in Costa Rica

Renting a home is a great way to relax on Costa Rica family vacations, especially if you plan on staying in one area for a week or a few days.

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