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Fish Species in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that has some of the best fishing spots. If you time the season and time of day just right, you can end up catching some of the most beautiful fish you have ever seen. Here is a list of some of the fish species that you can find in Costa Rica.

Yellowfin Tuna

You can say that the yellowfin tuna is the king of all tuna by its metallic blue-black color, yellow sides and silver and white belly, which is oblique with 20 vertical broken lines. You will notice its large dorsal and anal fins which are fairly close together.This fish is typically located in the open ocean along current lines and temperature changes.

El Dorado

The El Dorado fish can be found in the offshores of Costa Rican waters. They can easily be recognized by their unique shapes and bright colors. El Dorado has a compact body and a long concave anal fin with a single dorsal fin found along its length. You will also not fail to notice its long pectoral fins which are larger than half the length of its head. The male Dorados are larger and a lot heavier than the females.This fish type can be found in the open oceans around flotsams, logs, weed lines, around buoys, and in the warm currents.

Skipjack Tuna

This fish species are perfect if you are looking for good sport as they are pretty large bait and are light to tackle as well. The skipjack tuna is mostly characterized by its dark blue back appearance and silver color on its belly and flank. It has a series of about six horizontal and diagonally-shaped stripes on the top parts of their sides. You will have more luck finding this fish species along current lines, in open oceans, and deep reefs. You only need to bait them using other small fish.


This fish species is another most sought-after fish in Costa Rica. They are silver in color and exhibit a wide range of sizes. This fish species weighs an average of about 15 to 20 pounds. The roosterfish can be distinguished by its cockscomb long spines located at its dorsal fin. These spines are what makes this type of fish unique and stand out from the rest.

They feed mostly on other small fish such as sardines. You stand a higher chance at finding these fish in hot waters with temperatures of about 80°F and depths of about 100 feet. They usually travel in schools at considerable distances chasing after shoals of small bait. You will also find them behind surf lines and outcroppings of volcanic rocks.


These are large predatory fish that are highly migratory. They are usually characterized by their long and flat bills. This is another one of the sought-after sporting fish in the Costa Rican waters. They have an elongated and round body with lose teeth and scales that are more visible in adulthood. They can reach a maximum of 540 pounds and grow as long as 14 feet. They are nocturnal, which means that you stand a higher chance of spotting and catching one at night

They are distributed throughout the world and prefer the tropical and subtropical waters. They also inhabit mixed waters where temperatures are above 59°F.

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