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The Paradise Blogger Takes a Hike to El Encanto Waterfall


¡Hola mis amigos! Angelica Troeder, a fellow blogger, recently visited us here at Ocean Ranch Parks.  Angelica received word from one of her friends that there were waterfalls in Playa Hermosa, which is not far from Ocean Ranch Parks.  She didn’t exactly know where she was headed but once she searched on her phone, Google Maps lead her right to us.  She was informed by our amazing staff about all of the tours we offer, ranging from Horseback riding and ATV tours to zip lining and different hiking tours.  The only thing Angelica wanted to witness was the beautiful waterfall!  She was able to drive to a parking area where one of our guides took her and her husband to the El Encanto Waterfall.  This waterfall is found in the middle of our tropical rainforest where nothing but peaceful sounds surround you.  The rushing of the water take you to a place of serenity and allows for you to really connect with nature and your inner-self.

The Paradise Blogger finds the excitement of life among the islands and their beaches, and she brings her experiences to the internet with exciting videos and picturesque words that make you want to go as soon as you can pack and board the dog. The Paradise Blogger has been traveling to the islands and the beaches of the world seeking out the most enjoyable and the most exciting places she can find.


The Paradise Blogger is not just a writer, but she is an adventurer who is skilled at seeking out the most amazing sites and experiences on the planet. Most importantly, the Paradise Blogger describes each place with an enthusiastic description of the sites, beauty and life that can be enjoyed at each place.

One of the places highlighted is one of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica, the El Encanto Waterfall located in the Ocean Ranch Park. The experience of getting to this amazing wonder of nature is part of the fun. The trail leading to the waterfall is inhabited by wildlife that is wonderfully described and you will find the trail to be almost as exciting as the waterfall.

Reading this blog is an experience that will transport you to the excitement of Ocean Ranch Park, and many other places in the world that you will fall in love with. It is a travel guide written through the eyes of a person who sees the fun in beauty and the beauty in fun.


The hunt for the unusual and stunning waterfalls set the Paradise Blogger off on a road trip that carried her to the rainforest where the journey to the secret waterfall hike at Playa Hermosa begins. The expertise of a guide is required to find this waterfall, but the extra help is worthwhile.

The trip begins with entering the rainforest. The trip doesn’t rely on a path, but you will find your way by following a partition between the trees. Then you come upon a dirt road that leads you to a set of rudimentary stairs. You are right in the middle of the rainforest.

This trip is not only a trip for lovers of waterfalls but it also will excite any dedicated hiker. The hike is steep and treacherous. The steps are challenging, but also fascinating because of the way they are constructed. The heavy cover of thick forest keeps the rays of the sun from touching the ground.

Another 20 minutes and you will cross a rocky area which suddenly opens up to this amazing and secret waterfall. This magnificent waterfall looms large above you and the pool formed at the bottom beckons you to cool off with some time in the clear water.




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Stay Adventurous and keep up to date with us to find out about special promotions! Pura Vida!