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Pase Especial-Three Adventures In One Day

Pase Especial-Three Adventures In One DayYou can experience some of the finest and exciting Costa Rica adventures by signing up for the Ocean Ranch Park’s Pase Especial Adventure Tour. This is a combination tour that includes three amazing adventure activities into a one day tour. Ocean Ranch Park is an 850 acre adventure park located in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and eco-diverse settings. This park is home to some of the world’s rarest wildlife most beautiful species. The flora and fauna that is indigenous to the region can be seen taking one of the park’s guided adventure tours.

The creators of a well-known travel blog, My Tan Feet,¬†have reviewed the Pase Especial Adventure Tour in their blog.¬†Yeison and Samantha, the blog’s creators, are experts on Costa Rica and they also travel the world and write about their amazing experiences. As self-proclaimed adventure junkies, they have written reviews of Ocean Ranch Park that will capture your interest and cause you to learn how you can experience the thrill of the Pase Especial Adventure Tour. This tour combines a horseback ride, ziplining, and a waterfall rappel.

This tour begins with a leisurely horseback ride on one of the specially bred Costa Rican stepping horses who are also known as the gentle giants for their friendly and calm nature. Your guide will begin the tour by providing information about the animals you will likely see on the trail. One of the animals you will see is the beloved Brahman Bull. The ride will take you through the jungle where you may see the rare white-faced monkey and the macaws along with some stunningly beautiful flora.

The horseback ride is about 1.5 hours and it ends at the 180-foot El Encanto waterfall. You will be fitted with the safety equipment and provided with instructions about how to rappel down the waterfall. This experience will give you an adrenaline rush through your body and heighten your senses to a level unlike that of most any other experience. An experienced guide will be with you for the entire rappel down the rushing waters. This is an experience unlike any other and one you will not forget.

The third part of the Pase Especial Tour is the Zipline which begins a short-hike from the waterfall to the first platform which is one of eight stations along the zipline tour. The last run is over a minute long. After being fitted with safety gear, you will begin your ziplining experience high above the tropical setting and you will soar over the river and see the beautiful views of the ocean and the mountains. The jungle views and the sounds of the jungle along with the strong accent of the flowers combine to give you another unforgettable experience.