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Costa Rica Adventure: Vol. 3 – Que Buen Lugar’s Adventure

In Costa Rica Adventure: Volume 3 – Well-known Costa Rica travel blogger, Que Buen Lugar, recently visited our 850 acre paradise at Ocean Ranch Park. They have recorded their adventure tours on video to share their experience with others. You can see the beautiful video footage of our Horseback Riding Tour, the Waterfall Rappel Tour, and the Canopy Zipline Tour. Que Buen Lugar has captured the excitement and the beauty of our Park with these tours. The video is a fantastic tour in itself, and it portrays the beauty and the excitement that awaits you when you visit. You can get an excellent understanding of just how amazing our tours really are. You can also see many photographs that show a variety of pictures of the unique views and special places that are in our Park.


You want to go first? Or you want me too?


Too hot to trot! Our horses love trekking through the river and cooling of in true pura vida fashion.

Que Buen Lugar’s footage of the Horseback Riding Tour depict the tour in detail beginning with the travel along the trails through the pasture land and continuing across the lovely rivers and on into the lush forest that offers so many amazing sights. You will ride our amazing Costa Rican Stepping horses which are specially bred for riding our trails. They are beautiful animals and very gentle. They love our visitors, and they provide a comfortable horseback ride.


Into the jungle we go. Peace!



The travel bloggers also capture the Waterfall Rappel Tour with its beauty and the excitement that the visitor experiences as they rappel down the long waterfall. You can see clear images of the waterfall and the surrounding rocks and lovely flora. Your experience when you reach the end of the rappel tour is recorded in colorful pictures.


Ahhhh…El Encanto in all her glory.


One of the most exhilarating feelings…you have to experience this for yourself to understand.


Don’t slip! haha


I think she’s done this before – crushing El Encanto!

Viewers can clearly see the excitement of the Que Buen Lugar members during our Canopy Zipline Tour. Their video footage shows the excitement that the rider experiences as they soar through the air high above the rain forest and across valleys and rivers while taking in the view of the mountains and the ocean. The scenery that the photographs show represents the diversity and the uniqueness of our Park.


Cheesin’ all day!


Hoppin’ on the lines and zippin’ through the jungle never gets old.


He know what we’re talking about.


Obligatory group photo – Thanks for coming out!

Are you thinking about coming to Ocean Ranch Park for an authentic Costa Rica adventure? Don’t hesitate! You can book your adventure tour directly below or contact us at the following info. Pura Vida!


USA PHONE: (949) 208 – 1158

COSTA RICA PHONE: (506) 2643 – 2182

Here at Ocean Ranch Park we have an adventure travel blogger program for content creators and travelers whom would like to leverage their networks for discounted or free visits. If you have 10k+ followers on your combined networks, we offer you a ($130 Value) complimentary pickup and a free Jaco Combo (3 Tours – Horseback Riding, Canopy Zipline, and Waterfall Rappel). If you have 5k+ on your combined networks, we offer a ($100 Value) complimentary pickup and half priced tours on the same three above. If you would like to experience the extreme canyoning or ATV tour, let us know and we can work out a deal.


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