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The Physical And Mental Rewards Of Horseback Riding

The Physical And Mental Rewards Of Horseback RidingThe Horseback Riding Tour at Ocean Ranch Park is an adventure tour that lets you saddle up on one of our amazingly gentle and beautiful Costa Rican stepping horses known for their smooth gaits, noble temperament and their ability to comfortably carry you through the beautiful areas of our Park. This is an experience that will leave you wanting to ride again through nature’s beauty while enjoying the ride that only our highly trained and well-loved stepping horses can give you.

Setting on top of one of our horses, you will enjoy a graceful connection with this beautiful animal and an exhilarating feeling of freedom as you ride through some of the most unbelievably beautiful areas of Ocean Ranch Park. Your horse will navigate the terrain so you can enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you with every movement of your horse. Your safety and even your comfort are assured. Riding allows you to see nature from a perspective that you will find to be unimaginable. There is little else like it in this world.

One of the best experiences that our horses provide is getting to know them as more than just an animal. You will feel a connection with your horse because they will develop a special connection with you. You will sense that they recognize you are in their care, and the way they interact with you will be meaningful for a long time.

The physical and mental rewards of horseback riding at Ocean Ranch Park are more than you might suspect. You will develop a sense of body awareness that you may not have noticed, and this awareness will leave you feeling more relaxed and even more confident about your physical abilities. The mental reward comes from the relationship you will quickly establish with your horse and the discovery of the majesty of this horse the minute you place yourself in the saddle.

Our video will give you an introduction to the heightened sensory experience while riding through the tropical rainforest on one of our specially bred, elegant stepping horses.

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