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Top 5 Must Do Things in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the top destinations for tourists around the world and it is due to the mountainous terrain, national parks, pristine beaches, rainforests, tropical reefs and much more. Without any doubt, Costa Rica is a slice of heaven. With many things to do in there, one might easily get bewildered. This post, therefore, focuses on five must do things in Costa Rica

1. Volcano Watching

The Arenal volcano in Costa Rica is the most active yet has been dormant for over 400 years. It came back to life in 1968 and since then has regular, small eruptions on a daily basis. Tourists would view the volcanic activity from a distance every forty-five minutes. However, in 2010 it went quiet again though it still has a lot to offer visitors.

2. Zip Lining

Zip lining is one of those activities you have to do so that you can brag to your friends that you have done it. It gives one the opportunity to view Costa Rican landscape in a different way. The best spot for zip lining in Costa Rica is Monteverde. You will have the chance to see the countryside and soar over the country in style. Without any doubt, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

3. Surfing

If you love surfing, Costa Rica is just the right place for you as it is considered an ideal destination for surfers worldwide. The best season to surf is from April to October and surfers come across massive waves in most of the main beaches such as Playa Naranjo, Jaco, and Potrero. Other places ideal for surfing in Costa Rica includePlaya Tamarindo, Pavones in the South Pacific, Playa Dominical, Playa Hermosa and much more.

4. Kayaking

Few activities offer the outdoor enthusiasts in Costa Rica such a diverse array of experiences like kayaking. Tourists from all walks of live visiting Costa Rica are becoming addicted to the sport of Kayaking. Whatever the circumstances that drive them to decide to kayak, many things keep them coming back for sure.

5. Bird Watching

Costa Rica is the perfect place to see tropical birds in Central and South America. With over 900 species of birds, you can have the opportunity of a lifetime to see many exotic birds like Toucans, Cotingas, Macaws, Trogons just to mention a few. If you love bird watching, Costa Rica is a bird lover’s heaven.

There you have it- a list of the five must do things that tourists can enjoy while visiting Costa Rica. Volcano watching and snorkeling are, however, the best and the most favorite nature activities that are every visitor’s dream. For more information about these events visit today.