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4 Must See Waterfalls in Costa Rica


There are so many gorgeous locations to visit; it becomes a challenge to narrow which waterfalls in Costa Rica to visit. The last thing you want to do is waste time visiting destinations that aren’t preserved or that are unimpressive.


Luckily we’ve had experience with all of the following waterfalls and suggest them personally!


La Fortuna Waterfall by Arenal Volcano

When in the area of Arenal Volcano, which is an awesome destination for outdoor lovers, you have to check out the La Fortuna Waterfall! This waterfall flows out of the base of the dormant Chato Volcano, and the water plummets 230 feet before hitting the tropical pond below.


The view is serene and surrounded by the lush green jungle. You can even make your way into the pond, so come prepared for an incredible swim!

There are also two main areas to view the waterfall from. On the rocks by the pond (for those who don’t want to get wet), or from your hiking path on any of the guided tours in the area.


This just happens to be our favorite of all the waterfalls in Costa Rica, because of the scenery and the fact that a waterfall and a volcano are coexisting together in the same area.


El Encanto Waterfall

Another breathtaking waterfall can be found in the Jaco area on the Ocean Ranch Park grounds. There are three ways to experience this lovely destination to the fullest extent: The “El Encanto” Waterfall Canopy Zipline Tour, Waterfall Rappel Tour, and the Waterfall Canyon Hike.

Each of the tours at Ocean Ranch Park offers a unique experience around this unforgettable waterfall. The tours are also designed so that people of almost any activity level has a way to explore the waterfall first hand! Plus, Ocean Ranch Park has several other tours for any adventurer.


While you’re around, you can visit the city of Jaco, where there is fun for the entire family to enjoy!

La Paz Waterfall

The next must see waterfall is the La Paz Waterfall located just outside San Jose in the Cloud Forest. As far as waterfalls in Costa Rica go, you won’t find one with so many incredible options right next door.

Thanks to the privately owned La Paz Waterfall Gardens, there is the nature walk, a waterfall garden, and a preserve. The preserve is especially exciting!


At the preserve there is a Butterfly Observatory, Hummingbird Garden, Serpentarium, and Frog Exhibit! That is why this location is great for the whole family. For the kids who are squeamish, there are hummingbirds, and for the fearless, ones you have snakes and bugs!

waterfalls in Costa Rica

Also, the gardens have many other species living there. You’ll see marmosets, toucans, spider monkeys, two-toed sloths, jaguars, and pumas. Plus, there are several species of hummingbirds, frogs, and butterflies in their exhibits.


The waterfall itself is very beautiful, but the garden attractions make this our favorite family location!


Nauyaca Falls

While there are several waterfalls in Costa Rica, Nauyaca is one of the most beautiful of them to be sure. Nauyaca is located in the South Pacific and very close to Dominical.


Though it may lack the height and power of some of the other waterfalls, it does have something that none of the others have. Nauyaca Waterfall is split into two sections (an upper and lower) and cascades down each.

The first terrace drops the water off 140 feet; there it pools until reaching the next 60-foot drop. Nauyaca is truly a beautiful sight and its unique cascading terraces, though smaller than many others, make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.


There are also several ways to take in the view. Options include horseback riding, hiking, or ATV rides. The hiking and horseback trail is 2.5 miles long and is very gentle, so children can easily manage the trip. There are also several birds that take up residence along the trail that will serenade you as you walk!


Don’t forget your swimsuit either, the lower cascade is open to swimming, and there is an area nearby to change out of your hiking clothes and out of the wet swimsuits afterward. Though you can view the upper falls, the pooling isn’t extensive enough to go swimming in, so you’ll have to leave that to the lower cascade.


The lower cascade is more than big enough for many groups to play or lay around after a long trek!


Want More?

These may be some of our favorite waterfalls in Costa Rica, but there are several others that we love and would be happy to tell you about if you call us at (US) 949-208-1158, or (Costa Rica) 506-2643-2182, or email us at!