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4 Reasons Why ATV’s are Fun for the Whole Family

“Are ATV’s safe?” “Don’t you think your kids are too young for those?” “Is that really a good idea?”

People often try to tell you that party time is over when you settle down and have kids, but it can be an even more fun time in your life. You can help shape your kids to be thrill seeking, adventure hungry, and responsible people just like you are by letting them tagging along on your escapades!

If you are tired of camping and want to hike up the adrenaline rush, then try all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). These actually come in kid sizes too, so there is no need to worry about it being a bad fit for their small frames.

In fact, you should get your kids their own ATV’s so that they don’t sneak a ride on yours. Adventure and thrills aside, adult size ATV’s can prove to be very dangerous for kids. Top that with a lack of supervision and we have the perfect recipe for unnecessary danger!


Here are 4 reasons why you whole family can become proud ATV riders and owners:

  1. Takes the camping game up a notch: Kids who love camping can take camping to the next level. Forget about scavenger hunts and ghost stories around the camp fire, your whole family could go camping and take their ATV’s along and go nuts discovering the wilderness on wheels!


  1. Beats expensive vacations: You know how kids want a summer vacation abroad and all you end up doing is sight-seeing, dining, and spending a ton of money on junk? Well, your kids will appreciate an ATV more because it helps create experiences that they will remember forever.


  1. Gets kids away from the LCD screens: This is a great way to un-glue kids from all types of screens, be it iPads, iPhones or televisions. ATVs are far cooler than playing Xbox or watching movies back to back. Plus, if your kids want to be the ‘cool kid’, it can definitely help with that. Kids love activities that cause an adrenaline rush, and with ATVs, you won’t need to offer any incentives to get them to go outside in the sunshine. If anything, it will be quite the opposite!


  1. Family bonding time: Parents struggle too much to get along with their kids and find a common bond. This could be the answer. You can all be ATV enthusiasts and be the cool families on the block. Just think of the crazy family portraits you can make! Don’t hold back from the creativity.


Isn’t It Expensive?

People often argue that ATVs can be very expensive but prices have gone down recently thanks to the Chinese ATVs on the market. Gotta love em’ for making life easier for us!

Is It Safe?

Another thing that has parents worried is safety. Well, danger is everywhere but it all depends on how you teach your kids to manage it. If you are nervous, then we recommend getting your kids some professional training.


In fact, if you’re on your way to Costa Rica we have an ATV Tour that is family friendly

Parents, don’t be so skeptical. This is a great idea and your kids will love it. It encourages them to go out more, be adventurous and value things like owning experiences and not collecting material things. Plus, just think of the cool dinner table story-exchanges.


Call for Adventure!

If you have any questions about how to make ATV trip that is family friendly that we didn’t mention, call us at (US) 949-208-1158, or (Costa Rica) 506-2643-2182, or email us at!