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The 5 Best Water Activities in Costa Rica


If you are a tourist or just a regular adrenaline junkie looking for some water activities to have fun and you happen to be in the beautiful land of Costa Rica, then you are in some serious luck. Among many of the activities that the country has to offer an adventurous soul, the ones that stand out are the water activities. Being a country close to the ocean sure has its perks. Here is a list of the best water activities you can engage in while in Costa Rica.

1.    Sport Fishing Tour

Ocean Ranch Park offers amazing outdoor activities. The Sport Fishing Tour is one of their best water activities and takes place along the Central Pacific Coast of the country. The ideal water temperature makes fish breeding a breeze, and as a result, quite a variety of fish reside in the area. Whatever time of the year it is, you can make quite a catch.


This water activity can be booked for either half day or full day and encompasses a guaranteed relaxation adventure full of reeling in fish. The boats are quite cosy, and once you take the Sport Fishing Tour experience, you will definitely want more of it compared to the other water activities.

Go fishing for Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Mackerel, Sailfish, and Marlin among others, and eat your catch later on. You will find that your fishing efforts offer a tasty treat!

2.    Surfing

This has to be the most popular water activity in the country. Surf the best waves of your life on the shores of Costa Rica. The ocean is significantly less crowded, and the sandy beaches offer plenty of swells, breaks and surf shops. There are many beaches from which you can surf. The surfers that choose Costa Rica’s shores, from whatever level of experience, benefit highly from some of the most consistent waves in Central America.

The famed Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, both of which are undoubtedly world class breaks and every surfers’ dreams, are found in Costa Rica. If you are interested, while choosing among the many water activities, be sure to take a look into the surf spots on the Costa Rica shores.

3.    Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Despite Costa Rica’s unpopularity in this water activity, the country has quite a lot to offer in that department. The southern Caribbean coast has the best snorkeling spots around. The reefs are just off shore, and this provides a suitable place for suiting up and viewing the tropical fish in a matter of minutes! If you have the time and the stamina, you can have hours of exploration in some areas where the reefs extend far offshore. The best scuba spot in the country, also named among the top ten in the world, is Cocos Island.

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Photo By Shutterstock/Anna_G

The certified instructors can take you on some of the most unforgettable dives of your life. There are numerous sea creatures to see and sometimes, even shipwrecks. Whether you are a newbie at scuba diving or have ever done it before, the experience you will receive is one that you will definitely live to remember.

4.    Whitewater Rafting

Costa Rica is home to an abundance of rivers and a mountainous terrain, making it a major whitewater rafting hotspot. Some of the more popular rivers for this exhilarating water activity are the Pacuare, the Penas Blancas, the Toro, and the Balsa. The first river offers a full day run that will take you through remote areas and beautiful rainforests just before you experience the amazing rapids. Nat Geo has named the Pacuare one of the world’s best river trips.

5.    Kayaking

If you are a low key type of person and enjoy water activities, you should probably try out kayaking. You can hire a kayak from one of the rentals along the shore or have your own kayak and enjoy the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. More often than not, groups of kayakers go out at sunset to explore the waters. This water activity offers beautiful views of the ocean especially when it is calm.

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Photo By Shutterstock/Edgar Bullon

Ocean Kayaking is not only a fun way to see the ocean but also a fantastic exercise. You have the choice of a tour or a workout session and can have yourself an experienced guide by your side. Kayak fishing is another great option.

So you’ve gathered up your bags and your swim suit, the sun’s out, and the wind is breezing about, and now you’re wondering where to go to next. Do not think so hard, check out any of these fun water activities and experience what can only be offered by Costa Rica.

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