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4 Benefits Of Vacationing In Costa Rica

There are many benefits to vacationing in Costa Rica, but the following describes some of the best. These are 5 benefits of vacationing in Costa Rica.

1. It Is An Adventure Lovers Paradise

Costa Rica is the place for you if you want amazing adventures set among absolutely jaw dropping nature. Rappelling down the beautiful waterfalls, zip lining across the jungles, hiking the trails into the mountains and walking through the amazing rain forest are some of the experiences that await the vacationer. ATV rides across rivers and horseback trips through the landscape will be memorable. Costa Rica is the place to find thrilling adventures among the land’s natural wonders.

2. A Place For Nature Lovers To See Amazing Flora And Fauna

Costa Rica has 1200 beautiful plants, some of which can only be found in this tropical environment. There are 849 bird species, and a few of these are so rare they can only be found in the Costa Rica rain forest. The rain forest is an unbelievable nature lovers paradise. You can see the endangered green turtles nesting and the white face monkeys along with the world’s rarest bird species. The 34 National Parks are also full of amazing experiences. The country is home to 205 mammals, 160 amphibians, 218 reptiles and 130 fresh water fish.


3. Pura Vida, Safety And Stability

This fund phrase literally means “pure life” and it could very well be a summary of life in Costa Rica. Life is slower here and far less stressful than in many other countries. Life is not cluttered with the worries that come with life in other places. Costa Rica is also a safe place to visit. Crime is almost nonexistent, so tourists find Costa Rica to be a very safe place. Political stability is a hallmark of the country’s government.

4. Sportfishing

Costa Rica sportfisihing is among the best in the world. The waters about an hour offshore have some of the most fertile fishing to be found anywhere. Marlins weighing up to 600 pounds and more could be part of a catch that can include up to 20 fish a day. This includes yellow fin tuna, amberjack, grouper and dorado. Several world class fishing tournaments are held here every year, but this is also a great place for the infrequent fishing experience that the vacationer can enjoy.

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