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The Largest Adventure Park In Costa Rica

You can experience the best of Costa Rica all in one place which is the Ocean Ranch Park. This is the largest adventure park in Costa Rica, and it is located in a private river valley just 10 minutes south of the beach town of Jaco. This 850 acre paradise is an ideal way to experience the natural treasures of Costa Rica like waterfalls, rivers, mountains and the unbelievably beautiful and luscious rain forest with its amazing flora and fauna. Some of world’s most beautiful and rare birds can be seen by visitors who go on a guided tour of the rain forest, but this is only one of the exciting adventures that await you in Ocean Ranch Park.

Ocean Ranch Park offers several discovery and adventure tours. You can hike with a guide through the rain forest where beauty is found everywhere. You can see the amazing sights in the lush jungle while literally sailing through the air on a zipline that travels high through the trees leaving you with an unforgettable tropical setting experience. There are other wonderful adventures awaiting you in this eco friendly adventure park.

Ride through breathtaking landscapes on gentle horses that know the path and you will pass the adored Brahman bulls and see the most beautiful butterflies, or you can rappel down the 180 foot El Encanto Waterfall with experienced guides. Ride ATVs through 6 kilometers of impressive landscapes and across rivers and through the rain forest. These are among the exciting adventures that can be enjoyed by visitors to the largest adventure park in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is often described as Pura Vida which means “pure life.” Costa Rica will provide you with a pure life experience as only this majestic land and Ocean Park Ranch can. Plan now to visit us and enjoy this pure life.

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