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6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in November


In the month of November, the skies start to clear over the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica after the rainy season. If you’re thinking of spending Thanksgiving in this magnificent country, read these 6 facts below!

1. Best time to experience its wildlife

Most people visit Costa Rica to enjoy its beautiful wildlife. If you want to get the most out of the experience, you should visit Costa Rica during the month of November.

  • When you visit the gorgeous beaches, you will be able to see turtle eggs laid on the sand. If you’re lucky enough, you will catch the baby turtles hatching in the nighttime.
  • Whale watching is another popular activity available for travelers to take part in and enjoy during the month of November. Plenty of whale watching destinations can be found in Costa Rica. Marino Ballena National Park and Drake Bay are the most popular locations.

2. Costa Rica’s “green season”

November marks the end of the rainy season in Costa Rica. As a result, the terrain turns very green and rich. If you like fresh, lush greenery, this is the best month to visit.

3. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money

People who travel to Costa Rica during the month of November can save money on airfare, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, etc. For example, since November is considered the off-season, airline tickets are a lot cheaper when compared to other months of the year.

4. Waterfalls and rivers are full of water

Due to the rain in the past weeks, all waterfalls and rivers in Costa Rica are full of water which makes for an amazing experience. Water sports are available for you to take part in and enjoy.  Most people prefer exploring the waterfalls during this month because of the gushing water in the rivers and lush greenery.

More water means breathtaking waterfalls and a larger stream underneath to swim in as well.

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5. Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica was not founded by Puritans, so Thanksgiving is not celebrated. But since so many Americans live in Costa Rica, there is a strong demand for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce in late November. Supermarkets in the upscale cities often carry traditional ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner.

If you don’t mind spending Turkey Day in the tropics, this would be a great time to visit Costa Rica. Since late November marks the end of the rainy season, many popular places are sunny and dry. Also Costa Rican locals are not on vacation and most Americans are in the United States during this time, which means there will be limited crowds and low season prices!

6. Enjoy the cooler temperatures

Most of us don’t prefer to spend our vacation in hot, humid conditions, covered in sweat. You won’t experience that discomfort if you visit Costa Rica during the month of November. This month is the cooler season of the country and you will experience a fresh breeze throughout your stay.

As you can see, November is an ideal month to visit Costa Rica due to its unique wildlife, green terrain, low prices, majestic waterfalls and rivers, Thanksgiving, low crowds, and cool temperatures. Experience the best of what Costa Rica has to offer at Ocean Ranch Park! Contact us here to book your November trip today!