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6 Tips on Rappelling That You Need to Read


All the thrill seekers out there who stop at nothing and make the most of life, rappelling is for you! The real fun in life lies in taking risks and going on adventures (there should be a consciousness of safety, though.) The longer you live (in one piece, if you’re careful), the more experiences you can own.

If you have your eyes set on a mountain that you want to climb, remember, going up is only half the journey. Going down the mountain is where it gets tricky, and it should be done with care. Rappelling is such a fun and adventurous way to get down after a wonderful hike!


Things You Should Know

  1. It is essential you know how to tie your ropes tight enough to trust them with rappelling down. It is easier if you just use doubled single rope on short rappels, it automatically eliminates the risk of ropes untying. Also, make sure your ropes are in good shape. Too much wear and tear and may cost you a limb, and that is just the best case scenario.

  1. You need basic knowledge of rappel anchors and devices. To be honest, you should have more than a basic understanding. Before you are ready to trust yourself with rappelling, make sure you practice making the rappel with somebody, an instructor or anyone who does it often, to ensure you know the math of how to do it.


  1. Before you take on a high peak, remember that you are just a beginner and practice on smaller climbs or risk-free climbs. It is truly an art but remember, if you get it wrong the first time, there may not be a second time. Going with an expert will take off some of that pressure.

  1. Your anchor should be a safe bet. A tree perhaps or a large rock that will not give out under a body weight that is even double yours.


  1. You need to double check (and triple check) your knots and whether both your ropes are threaded through the rappel device. And no, there is no number of times to check the knots, bolts, anchors, or other devices that should be embarrassing when your life is on the line!

  1. Keep your eyes and mind on the rappel down. If you are a beginner, then you need to be more careful because you don’t know how sure footed and controlled you may be. Allow yourself a minute to take in the view, sure but don’t get too distracted.


Why It Doesn’t Matter at Ocean Ranch Park!

Going on the Waterfall Rappel Tour is a great way to get your feet wet in the rappelling world because you’ll have trained experts harnessing you and guiding you down the whole way! Are the tips we listed helpful? Of course! But you won’t need them on this adventure.

If you are just getting into the idea of rappelling, doing a tour like this is hugely beneficial because not only will you have experts taking care of all of the particulars, you’ll get an opportunity to feel what a successful rappel feels like before trying it on your own.

Even better than the experience to guide you, ask our experts questions about it. They wouldn’t be doing this for a living if they weren’t good at it or enthusiastic about it! Pick their brain, you’d be surprised how few people actually do this and they will likely be genuinely excited to share their knowledge on something they are passionate about.

What Next?

Sure, once you are a pro, rappelling is a fun adventure and the cherry on top of the cake that is your hiking trip. It is quite the experience and in a materialistic world, owning experiences makes you the kind of rich that cannot be stolen.

When you are going with your own group, just make sure you are locked in right, your ropes are tight, and the aim is to get out of it alive and intact. Have fun with rappelling, because it can show you things that no one else has ever seen!

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