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Costa Rica Adventure Vol. 10 – Jungle Genevieve


Ride along on Ocean Ranch Park’s Costa Rica Adventure: Vol. 10 – featuring family friends, Jungle Genevieve as her and her friends hit the adventure park for a storm of fun in the sun. 

1.Tell us about yourself? Who are you/ What do you do/ What do you represent? My name is Genevieve. I am from Florida, but live in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Wildlife Conservation is my passion.

2. How did you find out about Ocean Ranch Park and what adventure activitie(s) did you do? 
I am a tour guide as well as a yoga teacher here in Jaco, Costa Rica. I plan vacations for all different clientele and Ocean Ranch is my favorite tour to bring and send clients to. I found out about you guys through personal research on excursions in Costa Rica.

3. What was your favorite experience? Any specific moment of bliss, beauty, clarity, or adrenaline that awakened your senses? E
verytime I visit I make new amazing memories. But one of my favorite are candid moments with the horses and cows along all of my ocean ranch visits.


“Everytime I visit I make new amazing memories.” 

4. Is there a funny story or something unique that happened during your park visit? Every visit, especially with the guides. The guides are one of the main reasons I keep visiting the park. As a tour guide myself, I can really appreciate a quality bi-lingual guide. Your guides are hilarious, kind, caring and truly make each and every visit with my clients.

Ocean Ranch Park’s tour guide, Lamar is always cracking jokes and making people laugh.

“As a tour guide myself, I can really appreciate a quality bi-lingual guide.”

5. Did you conquer any fears while you were at Ocean Ranch Park? I don’t want to say Im fearless…But I live for these types of adventures and have been doing them since a kid. I can’t get enough – I live for adrenaline!cr-adventure-vol10-jungle-genevieve-05

6. Why were you drawn to Costa Rica? My uncle is Nick who opened the Backyard Bar 21 years ago. I grew up not only wanting to live in the rainforest and working with animals since I was a kid, but watching my uncle develop the #1 surf bar on the planet. So his dedication to the surfing world in costa rica was a big draw for me.

7. What’s the scariest/majestic animal you’ve ever encountered in the wild? An eyelash vipercr-adventure-vol10-jungle-genevieve-03

“The wildlife, the people and the overall bliss that Costa Rica blesses me with on a daily basis.”

8. What do you think about Jaco, Costa Rica? I think Jaco is a mecca for wildlife and surfing, I’m very happy to see it begin getting the recognition it deserves.
9. What made you choose to live in Costa Rica? The wildlife, the people and the overall bliss that Costa Rica blesses me with on a daily basis.
10. What’s your best tip for travel? Either for Costa Rica or anywhere! Make an attempt to learn some of the language basics. Hello, good morning, goodnight, have a nice day….. It goes a long way to make an effort even if only a few words.

11. Where can we find you on social? Instagram

Our authentic Costa Rica adventures in the heart of a virgin rainforest is one of the best ways to reset the soul, body, and mind. We not only offer individuals, families, and groups the option to waterfall rappel and canopy zipline, but we have ATVsHorseback RidingExtreme Canyoning, and Catamaran tours that can be customized into special packages for your vacation.

Are you thinking about coming to Ocean Ranch Park for an authentic Costa Rica adventure? Don’t hesitate! You can book your adventure tour directly below or contact us at the following info.


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