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How to Backpack in Costa Rica


We understand that itch to explore, that pull to discover new places and the excitement of seeing some of the most amazing landscapes in nature. Experienced backpackers have said that Costa Rica is one of their favorite places. There’s an endless amount of things to do, beaches that feel like paradise and lots of interesting wildlife. It is a place that many travelers love to revisit over and over.

When is the best time to go?

Costa Rica does not have a dangerous time of year, such as a hurricane season, so you can visit any time of year! You should choose which type of experience you want. This will help you figure out the best time to visit. If you are interested in meeting a lot of other travelers and don’t mind some huge crowds, you may want to go during “high season.” High season lasts from December to April. If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind some rain, consider going during the “green season.” Green season goes from May through November. We recommend both seasons for different reasons. For high season the beaches are spectacular and it is the time of the year to take in the sun and relax on the beach. During the green season, hiking, seeing the clouds from up high, water rappelling through the rainforest is the best. Everything is green after all.

Backpacking tips

Here are some general backpacking and travel tips that you should be sure to remember.

Before you visit the country of Costa Rica, try your best to learn basic words of the Spanish language. Pack your backpack light. Prepare all of the items you think you need and then cut that amount in half. Try to stay away from displaying any valuable items such as electronics, jewelry, cameras and expensive brand name bags. Get travel books and maps to assist you along the way. If you are considering a hike to see waterfalls, consider our waterfall canyon hike!

What should you budget?

Your budget should depend on the level of luxury you need and how long you plan to travel in Costa Rica. A backpacking visit that is a month long could be done for around two thousand US dollars. While you cannot sleep in the trees, you could rent tents from some hostels for a cheap price and camp in the rainforest to save money on accommodations and amenities. If you keep the accommodation budget low, you will have more money for tours, activities and attractions.

Where should you go?

The most important thing to remember when backpacking is that you most likely can’t do it all in one trip. Even if you are in Costa Rica for one month, it will be difficult to go everywhere. You should start with Jaco and find out what has to offer for your trip.

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