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Enjoy Bird Watching In Ocean Ranch Park

Bird Watching In Ocean Ranch Park

Costa Rica is one of the world’s premier bird watching destinations, and bird watching at Ocean Ranch Park is undoubtedly a favorite! Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected land area of any place in the entire world, with one of the most bio-diverse eco-systems on the planet. Costa Rica’s temperature and annual rainfall along with many different elevations provide the climate that produces the rich vegetation that support the 870 bird species recorded here. The avian population in Costa Rica is 10 percent of the world’s avian population. It is more than double the combined avian population of North America. Costa Rica’s 12 different climate zones and the bio-diverse eco-systems attract most of the avian population. These conditions all combine to make bird watching in Ocean Ranch Park a unique experience. You will enjoy watching the stunning array of the unbelievably beautiful avian life even if you are not an experienced bird watcher. Graced with bounteous natural beauty, Costa Rica’s Ocean Ranch Park is a great vacation destination.


OceanParkRanch Bird Watching Tour Scarlet Macaw

Among the beautiful and rare birds you can see while bird watching in Ocean Ranch Park is the famous and spectacular, Quetzal. You will have a lot to talk about after you see the Resplendent Quetzal because it is said to be the most beautiful bird in the Americas. Its name is a Mexican name which means long feathers with brilliant colors, describing the Quetzal perfectly. The Scarlet Macaw is another of the rare species you can see. The tanagers, cuckoos and the pendulum-tailed motmots along with more than 50 different hummingbird species are just a few of the other rare beauties you can see.

Ocean Ranch Park Bird Watching Tour in Jaco Costa Rica

Ocean Ranch Park Bird Watching Tour in Jaco Costa Rica

You can see over half of Costa Rica’s birds during one trip while bird watching. Even if you aren’t able to see as many birds as you would like, you will enjoy trekking around in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful rain forests directed by a bird watching expert.

Seeing the marvelous birds that live in the Ocean Ranch Park is an unforgettable experience. You can walk as far as you want to, or you can see many of the famous birds while on a short walk. The majesty and the splendor of the avian population in Costa Rica will leave you amazed when you take the opportunity to see the birds that await your visit.


Ocean Ranch Park Bird Watching Tour – Falcon

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