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Experience Horseback Riding in the Rain Forest

Horseback Riding in the Rain Forest

Have you ever experienced horseback riding in the rain forest? Not only is horseback riding a fun activity for you and your friends or family, but horseback riding in the rain forest is an adventure that you will enjoy more than we can describe. You will find that saddling up on one of our gentle and beautiful Costa Rican horses makes this tour a very unique experience. Our well cared for and loved horses have been trained for this specific tour, which travels through Ocean Ranch Park’s private river valley and along the beautiful foothills of the luscious mountains and across shallow rivers. This is a perfect way to see the amazing waterfall that is part of Ocean Ranch Park’s natural beauty. A rain forest is a dense area of tall trees where heavy rain fall occurs providing a home for many animals and birds. The Costa Rican rain forest is home to some stunning flowers and to 100 species of trees.

Our twenty Costa Rican stepping horses will travel along 3 kilometers of trails during the 2 hour ride. Each of our horses are well-trained and even people who are over 60 years of age find horseback riding in the rain forest is comfortable and safe. And many stops throughout the tour are provided for relaxation breaks. This will give you an opportunity to take in the stunning beauty of the views.

Horseback riding in the rain forest is a great way to observe the tropical beauty within Ocean Ranch’s Park. This tour will heighten your senses with the sights and sounds of nature at its best. You will see many birds including some of the rare birds that live in the rain forest, along with monkeys and iguanas.

Ocean Ranch Park Horseback Riding

Ocean Ranch Park Horseback Riding

One of the most fascinating parts of horseback riding in the rain forest is trotting along the foothills where you can see the majestic beauty of our mountainsides. You can truly appreciate these mountains when you see them up close. This can also be said for that part of the tour that goes through the tropical jungle. Horseback riding in the rain forest is just one of the many exciting and adventuresome tours offered at Ocean Ranch Park.


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