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Costa Rica is A Phenomenal Place for Adventure Vacations The Whole Family Will Love

Adventure VacationsThere are multiple options for adventure vacations in Costa Rica. At Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours we let you do multiple activities from one single location.  One of the most beautiful places on earth, Costa Rica, is a true tropical paradise. Offering visitor’s grand views and a lush rain forest environment that will take your breath away, this has been a destination for every kind of vacationer. Regardless of whether you are a thrill seeker or come here for the amazing natural splendor, Costa Rica is a destination that offers it all. From the powerful mountain volcanoes all the way to majestic ocean views, if you are seeking adventure vacations in Costa Rica, you will find them in abundance.

We advise that you first visit Ocean Ranch Park and if you are staying on a longer trip there is really nowhere like the shores of Isla Del Coco. The island of Coco is legendary among divers, adventurers, and pirate treasure seekers. Legend has it that there are a number of pirate booties buried on or around its pristine shores. The most famous story is that of treasure. According to this legend, in 1820 the army of Jose de San Martin was approaching Lima. Fearful for his province and its treasure, the viceroy of Lima ordered a British captain by the name of William Thompson to keep the treasure safe. Instead, the wily captain murdered all of the viceroy’s men and made off to Isla Del Coco, where he buried the riches. Shortly thereafter Captain William Thomas and all his men were captured and executed by the Spanish; the treasure has never been recovered. There are other stories about buried pirate treasure on Isla Del Coco, including a claim that somewhere on the island is 350 tons of gold buried by the notorious pirate Captain Bennett Graham. For those seeking adventures that also love history, Isla Del Coco is a must see during your vacation.

If you happen to be an avid diver, the island offers some of the best diving in the world. Consistently Isla Del Coco has been rated among the top 10 dive sites on the planet. As a protected wildlife sanctuary, the island offers no sleeping quarters and so the best way to experience the island is to do a ten-day excursion, living on a boat anchored off the shores. Surrounded by clear Pacific waters, Isla Del Coco’s reefs are teeming with marine life. Divers frequently encounter large schools of hammerhead sharks, curious mantas, and even some whales as they swim through the pristine waters.  This is but a short trip from your adventure vacations at Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours.

As a matter of interest for those considering a visit to the island, Michael Crichton’s book Jurassic Park is believed to have been based on Isla Del Coco. Almost seeming to back up this legend Crichton names his Jurassic Park Island “Isla Nublar” or “cloudy island” and places it off the coast of the west coast of Costa Rica. Isla Del Coco is the only island in the entire eastern Pacific that has cloud forests.

Regardless, if your adventure vacations includes tracing the fictional dinosaurs from Jurassic park, or seeking long-lost pirate booty, or even diving in pristine waters off one of the world’s most prestigious diving spots – your adventure vacations in Costa Rica should surely take you by the Isla del Coco after a visit to Ocean Ranch Park.

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