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Everything You Need to Know About Crocodile Tours in Costa Rica


Thinking about embarking on a crocodile tour in Costa Rica, but don’t know what to expect? The following guide will answer all your questions about the tour and so much more!


Where is the tour?

If you are going on a crocodile tour in Costa Rica, there’s a good chance you’ll be cruising along the Tárcoles River. Located on the southern slopes of the Cordillera Central volcanic range, the Tárcoles River covers over 2000 km and is best known for the wild species that inhabit it. From native egrets and roseate spoonbills to iguanas and of course crocodiles, the Tárcoles River is home to a wide variety of birds and reptiles. With 25 crocodiles per square kilometer, the Tárcoles River has one of the highest populations of crocodiles in the entire world and is the ideal location for a crocodile tour. During these tours, crocodiles up to 23 feet long are often spotted swimming through the river or sunbathing along the banks.


How do I choose a good tour?

While there are a lot of crocodile tours in Costa Rica to choose from, the best ones will include the following: bilingual tour guides, safety equipment, and an abundance of exotic wildlife.


Bilingual Tour Guides

It is important to have bilingual tour guides when traveling on any tour in a foreign country to maintain a clear, open line of communication. While thrilling, adventure tours can also push you out of your comfort zone, so it can be beneficial to have a trustworthy guide who you can talk to if you start to feel anxious. If it is your first time on a crocodile tour, it can be especially advantageous to choose a bilingual tour guide.


Safety Equipment

Before embarking on your tour, ensure that all safety equipment is provided by your guide. Although crocodile tours are generally safe, your security should be the last of your worries. Choosing a tour that supplies the necessary safety equipment and is operated by experienced guides that know what they’re doing in case of an emergency will give you a better peace of mind prior to going on your tour.


Exotic Wildlife

While crocodile tours typically guarantee a crocodile sighting, the best ones will also feature a variety of exotic wildlife. With the amount of species that live along the Tárcoles River, your tour guides should be able to point out other magnificent reptiles and animals, like purple gallinule, crabs, and monkeys. Why settle for just crocodiles when you can see it all?


Get the full experience with Ocean Ranch Park’s crocodile tour! This tour is led by award winning, bilingual guides who will ensure a safe, fun and educational experience for all visitors. Ocean Ranch Park’s river boat also contains all the necessary safety equipment and operates with a new 150hp motor. While cruising along the Tárcoles River, the tour introduces visitors to crocodiles of all sizes in their natural habitat and an abundance of exotic wildlife, such as Jesus lizards, iguanas, scarlet macaws, monkeys, raccoons, crabs, a variety of king fishers, and more. Make sure you book in advance before the tours fill up!


Can I bring my kids?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to crocodile tours. Although often categorized as scary, crocodile tours are actually very family friendly. Tours like the one with Ocean Ranch Park is designed for people of all ages. In fact, Ocean Ranch Park’s crocodile tour is free for children ages four and under. Unlike some of the other adventure tours, children are encouraged to participate in this safe, educational, and family fun experience.


How do I prepare for my tour?

To maximize your crocodile tour experience, keep the following in mind:


Avoid Meat

Some guides recommend not eating meat the day of your excursion. Crocodiles are meat eaters, so you don’t want to tempt the large reptiles by smelling like meat. Although these tours are secure, avoiding meat may make you feel even safer if you have concerns.


Wear Sunscreen

Not only should you not smell like meat, but some guides recommend not looking like raw meat either. By applying sunscreen to any exposed skin, you will be better protected from the sun and crocodiles.


Bring Binoculars

Although the best crocodile tours will let you get up close and personal with the crocodiles, there is so much majestic and exotic wildlife to see from afar as well. Bringing binoculars will make sure you don’t miss a thing!


Have Fun

Crocodile tours are meant to be a fun, exciting experience for you and your family. If traveling with an experienced tour guide like Ocean Ranch Park, there’s not a whole lot you need to do to prepare for your adventure. Your guide will tell you everything you need to know before embarking on your adventure, so just have fun!


What can I expect on the tour?

Expect to have an unforgettable experience! It’s as simple as that. The best crocodile tours will give you the opportunity to see amazing creatures up close and personal. It’ll be an experience unlike any other!


Have additional questions regarding crocodile tours in Costa Rica? Give us a call at 949-208-1158 or contact us to book your tour today!