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A Visitor’s Guide to Jaco, Costa Rica


Thinking about visiting Jaco, Costa Rica? The following guide discusses everything you need to know before you go – from the weather forecast to the exhilarating adventures. Be sure to check it out!



Located in the Pacific Coast province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, the beautiful town of Jaco is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers and active travelers. With lush rainforests, volcanic sand beaches, and magnificent mountains, Jaco has something for everyone. Zipline through the vibrant rainforest. Rappel down stunning waterfalls. Explore the vivid jungle by horseback. Observe crocodiles along the Tárcoles River. Surf at the challenging La Roca Loca.



Costa Rica has two seasons: rainy season and dry season. Rainy season lasts from May through November, while dry season persists from December through April. During rainy season, the average temperature ranges from 71 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy season is also known as “green season,” as nature comes alive in Jaco with lush greenery and abundant wildlife. During dry season, the average temperature ranges from 74 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry season is Jaco’s summer, as visitors relax under clear, blue skies and sunshine. Jaco is truly a sight to see any time of the year!



Spanish is the official language spoken in Jaco, Costa Rica. Unlike other Spanish speaking countries, the Spanish spoken in Costa Rica has a slower pace clear pronunciation. Not fluent in Spanish? Don’t worry! Jaco is full of friendly people who understand English and are always willing to help!


Lodging and Transportation


Despite being such a popular tourist destination, Jaco has surprisingly affordable hotel prices with easy accessibility to restaurants, nightlife, and the beach. Some top-rated hotels in Jaco can include: the trendy Hotel Pumilio, the romantic Villa Caletas, and the best valued Oceano Boutique Hotel and Gallery. There are also an abundance of hotels surrounding Jaco along the smaller satellite beaches of Herradura Beach, Hermosa Beach, Playa Esterillos, and Playa Bejuco.



For those looking to save some cash, hostels are another great option. Jaco has a wide variety of hostels within a few blocks from the beach. For approximately $15, visitors can stay in a shared dorm with common rooms and bathrooms. Hostels are ideal for solo travelers, adventurous surfers, and night time partygoers.


The Luxury Colina Condo within the property of the Los Suenos Marriott Golf and Marina Resort is a popular lodging option for Jaco visitors. This family condo sits along the Central Pacific just an hour away from the San Jose airport. Aside from the convenient location and gorgeous views of the exotic rainforest and beautiful ocean, the Luxury Colina Condo also includes an 18-hole golf course, beach club, and three pools.



In Jaco, visitors can choose from rental cars, shuttles, taxis, public transportation and more. Vamos, Dollar, Mapache, Poas, and Adobe are some of the best car rental places within Costa Rica. If traveling from your hotel to Jaco beach, the shuttle service is a great option as it’ll pick you up directly from your hotel (if in San Jose) and drop you off at the beach. The air conditioned shuttle departs in the morning and afternoon, but be sure to reserve your seat in advance. Taxis are another option for transportation, but are typically more expensive. If traveling via taxi, check for legitimacy and negotiate your fare prior to getting in the car. Transportes Jaco is the official public transportation company in Jaco and offers a wide schedule at a fair price.

Things to Do


Jaco is home to delicious cuisine with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Some of our favorite meals can include: the organic food at Green Room, the fresh seafood at Graffiti, and the yummy pasta at Chinita Pacifica. For authentic Costa Rican cuisine, check out sodas in Jaco where you can get an entree for only $5.



Although Jaco is known for its surfing and adventures, there are still a bunch of stores and boutiques throughout the city. Shop the local art and jewelry at Jaco’s many boutiques to find some hidden gems. Some of our favorite stores in Jaco can include: Tico Pod, Lorena Vera Designs, and Mango Surf Shop.



With the gorgeous beaches and lively rain forests, Jaco is the ideal place for adventurers, honeymooners, or anyone looking to have some fun. But how do you make the most out of your visit? Check out Ocean Ranch Park’s eco adventure tours for an unforgettable experience. Ocean Ranch Park offers unique tours like the Crocodile Tour, Waterfall Canyon Hike, Extreme Canyoning Tour, and so much more. To really maximize your experience in Jaco, check out their special packages that include multiple tours for a discounted rate.
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