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Extreme Canyoning in Ocean Park Ranch


Extreme Canyoning in Ocean Ranch Park is an unforgettable experience that is at the top of any list of thrilling adventures. This is a tour that combines several of the tours available at Ocean Park Ranch into one daylong adventure. Extreme Canyoning is full day of one exciting adventure after another. This tour is unique because several of the exceptional tours at Ocean Park Ranch are combined into this tour.


This tour captures the incredible scenery and some of the hidden secrets in the spectacular rainforest. You will be left in awe of the wonder and the staggering impressiveness of all of the incredible scenery. Extreme Canyoning in Ocean Ranch Park brings you to the home of stunning wildlife and the natural wonders of Costa Rica. You will enjoy the land, which is the epitome of a fabulous ecosystem.


This tour begins with a guided and safe hike to the top of the mountain that rises above the fascinating terrain that you will reach by walking downhill. The first site you see will be the beginning of the river that flows into a stream and you will follow it as it increases in size within the heart of a virgin forest.



Next, you will rappel twice down waterfalls of 115 feet and 1200 feet under the guidance of the highly trained, experienced and certified guides who provide the highest level of safety and service in Costa Rica adventure tours. This rappelling experience will get you ready for the big waterfall rappelling adventure, which is the majestic experience of a 60-meter rappel. You will be able to accomplish this without any problem or discomfort because the clear and very friendly instructions provided by the guides will enable you to turn loose the adventuresome spirit that is within you.


This is not the last of the exhilarating experiences you will enjoy on this Tour. You will ride two Ziplines, which will give you a spectacular view with these two eco adventures. The last Zipline is more than 2000 feet, and when you sail through the air, you will be flying above canyons and over rivers and valleys and you will see the rvainforest as well as spectacular ocean views. It ends at the Jungle Hut Cafe where you can celebrate this amazing day filled with unimaginable adventure that will forever be in your memory of great adventures.

Pura Vida is how the Spanish speak of pure life, and Extreme Canyoning in Ocean Park Ranch is pure life and it is also pure joy. There is true joy to be found in experiencing life in a beautiful natural environment and an environment that you will become part of on this amazing day.hiking-extreme-canyoning-ocean-ranch-park-costa-rica

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