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Experience The Enchanted Waterfall Rappel Tour


If you are looking for exhilaration and excitement in an amazing adventure, then you will want to book the “El Encanto” Waterfall Rappel Tour. Under the direction of expert, certified guides, you will experience a spectacular release of adrenaline that will make your senses explode. This is the ultimate experience of becoming one with nature. You will rappel down this 180 feet waterfall while sensing all of the pleasure to be found in the sounds and sights of falling water. Two rappels are included in this Tour. You might think that you could never accomplish such a feat, but many people just like you find this to be an unbelievable but real accomplishment. You do not need to have prior rappelling experience, because the guides will provide clear instructions, and their friendly nature will make you feel at ease. This is one experience you can talk about for years, and it is an experience you will look forward to repeating in a return trip. You will never feel more at one with nature.

This Tour is called “El Encanto” because you will be charmed by this incredible and unique adventure. There is something that is uniquely appealing about mastering the challenge of rappelling down a waterfall. You will be equipped with the safest and latest gear to ensure your safety, and the guides will give you complete instructions on the proper use of the gear.

On your way to the waterfall, your guides will point out the fascinating plant life and the animals that live in the forest. Your hike to the waterfalls will take you through the most verdant tropical ecosystems, and your hike will connect you with the peaceful nature of the luscious tropical landscape. After a short time, you will come upon the breathtaking view of the waterfalls and you will find yourself at a loss for words to describe this magnificent site. While you marvel at the sight of this waterfall, your guides will be giving you last minute instructions and telling you how they will watch out for your safety, and they will be available to assist you if you need it.


This Tour is the consummate experience for enjoying nature as you wouldn’t in very many other places. There is something unique about this marvelous Costa Rica waterfall that is called the “El Encanto.” Although you may not think that rappelling a waterfall is charming, you will realize that this waterfall is charming. It will also be an exuberant experience that will awaken your senses.

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