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The ATV Tour In Costa Rica’s Ocean Ranch Park

OceanParkRanch_ATV_Fun-800x288Riding an ATV is always a thrilling adventure, but when the ATV is used to provide an exciting, safe access to some of the most beautiful and amazing spots on our 850 acre property, you will find your excitement level to be exceeded beyond what you could ever have imagined. You don’t need to be an experienced ATV rider to handle our ATVs. Our experienced guides will accompany you on the Tour, and they will help you to ride the ATV safely. In no time at all, you will be maneuvering your ATV through some of Costa Rica’s most stunning landscapes.

Your Tour guides will take you off of the beaten path and travel 6 kilometers through lush overhanging jungle, the amazing rain forest, up mountains, across the plains, through valleys and across multiple rivers before arriving at the “El Encanto” waterfall. This 180 foot waterfall is an almost unbelievable sight. Of course, this is not the only highlight on your ATV Tour in Costa Rica.

Our ATV Tour provides you with the unforgettable experience of amazing adventures and great moments when you are crossing the streams as the water moves to the motion of your ATV. Traveling along the foothills and reaching the hillsides that offer spectacular views of our Ocean Ranch Park will give you a panorama view of the splendor of Costa Rica and our Park.

You will see some of the rarest birds on the planet and some of the most amazing plant life that is more colorful than you have ever seen. In the Rain Forest, you can observe the colorful life that inhabits the area and which provides safe and enjoyable views of nature in Costa Rica.

The thrill of riding an ATV combined with the excitement of seeing a view of nature that you will not likely find in any other place is a life event that you will talk about forever. Our guests always comment on how exciting the ATV Tour is since many do not have access to an ATV or a place to ride like Ocean Ranch Park. We offer an adventure that combines many of our amazing sites and sounds into a 2 hour Tour. For an additional fee, your ATV Tour can expanded to pass through pueblos and other interesting mountains and river valleys.

The ATV Tour has a low impact on the environment, and this tour does not disturb the wildlife in the Park. This Tour will have a high impact on your degree of enjoyment from visiting the Ocean Park Ranch.

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