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Sports Fishing in Costa Rica

190-1000x288Enjoy the thrill of fishing the waters off of Quepos, where fishermen from all over the world come to this popular world class sports fishing destination. This place is also home to some of the biggest fishing tournaments in the world. There is no other place like Quepos to fish for Marlin and Sailfish. If you are looking for your record catch, we can help you by arranging for a booking on one of our half day or full day sports fishing tours. Or, if you are just looking to try your hand at fishing our waters, then we can help. Our guests catch mahi mahi, snook, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, mackerel, roosterfish, amberjack as well as marlin and sailfish. The ideal water temperature provides the perfect environment for several species of fish to live all year round.

The sports fishing in Costa Rica is an unparalleled fishing experience enjoyed in the comfort and convenience of the boats owned by our partners in the sports fishing adventures. These boats are the best boats operated by the best crews and we offer the best prices. Our most popular fishing boats have twin Cummins 430Hp Diesel engines with an air conditioned lounge furnished with leather couches and electronics such as Radar, GPS, Radome, Fish Finder, and VHF radios. The crew is highly experienced in operating the boat and in finding the best places to fish. Beverages and meals will also be provided to add to your enjoyment of this experience. Entertainment is provided to keep children from getting bored.

Our boats will usually only travel 20 miles from the shore to reach the continental shelf where the off-shore fishing grounds are located. Sailfish are a popular catch in this location. More than 70 IGFA record catches among the hundreds of species that live here or near here have been landed.

However, if you want the experience of fishing for the large deep water fighters, then the Marlin and the Sailfish are what you want to try to land. The Quepos waters have all of the Marlin species: Blue, Striped and Black. If you are really looking for a challenging fight, then try to catch the Blue Marlin. This fish will test your fishing skills since the aggression and speed of these fish will make the ultimate test for any fisherman.

You do not have to be an experienced fisherman to fish with us. Our fishing excursions are fun and they will make the day a memorable one. All of the family are welcome to join the excitement and fun of sports fishing in Costa Rica trip. We value your safety and your experience will be very enjoyable with our very well trained fishing crews who also have the most experience fishing in the Quepos waters.

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