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Experience Our Beautiful Waterfall Canyon Hike

AR4A8834-1000x288The unbelievably beautiful Waterfall Canyon Hike is a tour on the private reserve trails among the 850 acres of Ocean Ranch Park. This hike will take you to the Gemelas waterfalls that are arguably some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica and in the entire world. The Costa Rica waterfalls are created by a steady flow of water from the mountains and the rain forests.

The Gemelas waterfalls are found in the raw beauty of the Park among amazing scenery with the wonderful sounds that rushing water always creates. You will see three private waterfalls on this hike, and each will provide you with an unforgettable impression of the majesty of falling water. These waterfalls are the hidden gems of Costa Rica that few people ever experience, but to experience these is to enjoy some of the most spectacular sites you will ever see.

You will spot our amazing wildlife residents of the forest while hiking to the waterfalls. Some of the most spectacularly beautiful residents are the Two Toed Sloths, Scarlet Macaws, Spotted Frogs, White Faced Monkeys and the Toucans. This is only a few of the phenomenal residents that our Certified Naturalist Guides will identify for you during the 2 hour hike.

Many stops are provided for you to rest, and you can even plunge into various swimming holes and cool water ponds that are found throughout the hike. Or, you can just set and enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature.

The final destination is the gorgeous El Encanto Waterfall which is absolutely beautiful with 180 feet of falling water over colored rocks that are reflected in the water as it falls to a beautiful pond at the bottom.

This hike is spectacularly idyllic with postcard perfect scenery and wildlife which will add to the view of the waterfalls. The many sounds of nature that you will experience also adds to the enjoyment of this hike. This is the experience will take you away from the doldrums of daily life with its hassles and will allow you to immerse yourself in a most relaxing environment that will leave you with lifetime memories. The entire family will find this hike to be very memorable and educational, and solo hikers are very welcome.

If you are a camera aficionado or just a person who loves to take pictures to preserve great memories, then you will find the Waterfall Canyon Hike to be a photographer’s dream.

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