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Ocean Ranch Park’s Special Packages

logoOcean Ranch Park’s Special Packages offers the opportunity to combine two, three or four tours to make your own customized Discovery and Adventure packages that include our highly skilled guides and all of the safety equipment you will need. You can combine tours to make a nature lover’s adventure that will be unforgettable, or you can combine any of several tours for excitement along with amazing scenery to create a majestic experience. Of course, you can combine tours that offer an opportunity to see the stunning beauty of Costa Rica’s wildlife and its nature with tours that will raise the adrenaline to a new level.

We offer Horseback Riding Tours that allow you to see the rainforest up close with views of assorted wildlife such as horses, exotic frogs, bulls and the most colorful, exotic birds. The river valley views are exquisite. Our 2 hour Horseback Riding Tour covers 3 kilometers and also travels along the foothills of the mountains and across river valleys. This is a heightened sensorial experience that will enable you to see the abundant beauty and the bountiful nature that is within our 850 acre Park.

Adding the 2 hour guided Bird Watching Tour in the rainforest is a marvelous walk through the splendor of Costa Rica’s nature where you will see birds that will make your Tour unforgettable. The rare birds are absolutely a delight to see. Along with the exotic birds, you will see wild horses, colorful frogs and more amazing wildlife.

The all day Adrenaline Canyoning Tour is an adventure that is not matched by any other. This full day adventure combines amazing scenery at the top of the mountain. After crossing a stream, you will make a couple of rappels ranging from 25′ to 40′, and this part of your adventure will prepare you for the Enchanted Waterfall Rappel Tour which will give you the excitement of rappelling down a 180 foot waterfall. You will be accompanied by our highly experienced guides who will ensure that you have the safety equipment you need. This Tour will be complete after you ride the two longest zip lines in the Park. The last zip line is over 2000 feet long, and it will carry you over canyons, the rainforest and the river valley while providing you with spectacular views of the ocean and the mountains. Sailing through the air is thrilling and exhilarating and this experience will leave you with an experience to talk about for a long time.

For a more down to earth tour, you can ride an ATV through our private river valley’s incredibly beautiful landscapes. This tour is 2 hours and it covers 6 kilometers of the most diverse experiences you can imagine. This is the Tour to take after walking through the rainforest on the Bird Watching Tour. This is also a guided tour and your safety is assured. You do not have to be an experienced ATV rider to enjoy this exciting tour.

We have a tour for everyone and every family. Ocean Ranch Park was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor for outstanding customer service and for being a place that offers the best things to do in Costa Rica. You can contact us for assistance in putting together a special package that satisfies your wishes.

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