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How Does A Zip Line Work?

Ocean Ranch Park’s award winning tour operators will show you how to use the safest and most exciting zip lines Costa Rica offers. Over 1800 meters, 5400 feet, comprised of 8 dual cable zip lines sail guests over rivers, through canyons and across valleys with the last cable distance being over 2000 feet long. The zip line tours offer a splendid view of our paradise that you would not experience on the ground. Imagine yourself sailing along a canopy zip line and experiencing the adrenaline rush, the thrill and the unparalleled views. Our guides will help you as you begin every zip line adventure by ensuring that you have the best equipment and that you are safely connected to the zip line pulley bracket before you begin your amazing trip.

The safety of our zip line tours is also ensured by mounting the zip line to a very secure and stable platform or to a large tree trunk. Our zip lines never come loose from their mountings. We have a perfect safety record, and we take every precaution to ensure our record continues. Our highly trained and experienced guides are at every platform to ensure that you safely begin your descent and arrive at the destination platform where your equipment is removed.

The zip line tours are rides that not only get the adrenaline rushing, but they also can enable you to observe the unique treetop ecosystems as you sail across the pure vida of Ocean Ranch Park. Here you will find the best and safest zip line rides in Costa Rica. You will feel like a bird flying over the raw jungle, vast river valleys all while enjoying spectacular mountainside views. Travel is fast, but the views can still be seen.

Zip lining was invented in Costa Rica, and we have since refined the experience and created a very safe ride. There is nothing else like it.

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