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How To Get To Ocean Ranch Park

How To Get To Ocean Ranch ParkOcean Ranch Park is a 850 acre paradise located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica 10 minutes south of the town of Jaco. Visiting Costa Rica does not require a visa for most nationalities, but a passport is required of everyone entering from another country.

The best way to begin your journey is to fly into San Jose Santamaria International Airport, which is located in the Alajuela Province about 2 hours by car from Jaco. The major airlines fly into San Jose from many international destinations, and almost all of the airlines based in America fly into the city from many of the larger American cities.

You can travel to Jaco from San Jose by one of several methods including renting a car with a GPS. The trip by car is one or two hours depending on the route you take. Rental rates vary, and it is best to check with the rental agencies before traveling. You can hire a “yellow” taxi, which is the official airport taxi service, to take you to Jaco. The fare one-way can be between 100 USD and 175 USD for one or more persons. You may be able to bargain with a driver for a lower fare, but you should consider that this is not likely. Be sure to hire an official airport taxi, and avoid other taxis that may be cheaper.

The least expensive way to travel from the airport to Jaco is by a shuttle bus. The fare is 30 USD per person. The ride is almost always comfortable and safe. You may have to share the shuttle with other people, but the shuttle is the best way to get there. You can take a helicopter, but a helicopter can land only in one place in Jaco, and a helicopter is also the most expensive way to get to Jaco from San Jose.

The Ocean Ranch Park will pick you up at your hotel for the 10 minute ride to the Park along Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno/Costanera Sur/Route 24. You can take a taxi from Jaco, but be sure to take a “red” taxi while in Jaco.

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