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Top adventure tour activities in Costa Rica


The Latin American countries are all filled with some inexplicable treasures, one that even the topmost countries in the world can’t provide. But Costa Rica is something else. It is the land of paradise, where you will come across everything you have ever desired for. The country is primarily known for its natural treasures like the Nicoya Peninsula, the Arenal volcanic mountain, the cloud forest, and the amazing white sand beaches. This does make the country one of the most peaceful lands in the world, right?

Well, no!

Costa Rica is calm, but only about forty percent because the rest sixty percent is filled with areas which scream exhilaration and adventure. If you want to discover a separate meaning for adventure, visiting these places and doing the following activities are must.

Zipline Adventures

Costa Rica has a vast reserve of rainforests, spread across tons of acres. It is because of such a vast forest cover that the canopy tours have become one of the main activities in the country. And to look over the canopies and revel in the beauty of the forests, you need to travel from one point to the other using the ziplines, which is we think quite an adventure in itself. You can explore the Arenal reserve forest via the ziplines, the cloud forest, the highest waterfall- the Diamente waterfall, the Jaco Rainforest, and so on.

Rafting And Kayaking In The Rivers

There are several rivers which cross the mainland of the Costa Rican terrain. Some of these rivers are calm and peaceful, so river rafting or canoeing wouldn’t be the best sports. But, if you consider the rougher rivers like the Manuel Antonia rivers, the Rio, the Balsa River, the Sarapiqui River, and so on, you can easily enjoy the river rafting and kayaking sports, which are nothing but filled with thrill and excitement that you need the most in adventure tours Costa Rica.

Enjoying The Waterfalls

Costa Rica is surrounded with mountains and rainforests. So, if you expect not to find a single waterfall, you will be completely at lost because, fortunately, there more than one falls in the entire mainland. Starting from the highest drop height to have two different cascading levels, the waterfalls in Costa Rica offer some exquisite experience which you won’t be able to replace every. You can swim in the waterfall water, enjoy the misty wind with a glass of your favorite wine or even revel in the beauty of the water and the surrounding forests and wildlife.

Hiking On the Volcanic Mountain

Rather than having the snow-covered peaks, Costa Rica is the land of many volcanoes. Unlike other places, you can actually go on a volcano hiking adventure tour in Costa Rica. Start with the Arenal volcanic mountain, which is the topmost point in the entire mainland. The final summit point along the slope of this mountain will give the perfect view of the surrounding rainforest, the Arenal Lake, and the La Fortuna waterfall. You can also visit the Tenorio volcanic mountain hiking centers to discover the wonders of the world because in this area, the water is of glistening blue color rather than being transparent.


Well, this isn’t the entire list of adventure tours in Costa Rica. But we are sure that you will definitely find interest in the tours and activities we have mentioned here for fulfilling your adventure-craving heart.