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What to pack for Hiking in Jaco Costa Rica?


With so many hidden places and difficult terrain topographies, it can be a real challenge to enjoy the beauty of the entire Costa Rican land. This is why you have the hiking treks which will help you to experience everything in detail and from up-close. There are several trails in the country itself where one can go for a hiking trip. However, today, we will only be concentrating on Jaco itself- one of the amazing places in the entire Latin American country.

Jaco is filled with rainforests, waterfalls, unique wildlife and mountains. With such serene ambiance, going on the hiking trails is must. But, as we said, these are the hidden treasures and hence they are not easy to access. Even though the by-feet trails seem easy with proper routes and navigation, in reality, they are pretty difficult since you might have to come across a dangerous terrain or some wildlife.

This is why here we have prepared a complete list of the most essential things you have to carry for your upcoming hiking in Jaco Costa Rica.

Special Hiking Backpack

The backpacks which will be perfect for your hiking tour will not be the usual one that you carry to other places. The hiking backpacks have more space than any other bags but the fabric of the raw material is so light that you wouldn’t feel the pressure. The bag should have thick and wide straps so that proper support can be given on the shoulder bags. It should have the necessary compartments for all your belongings, starting with water bottle to mobile phones, and so on. Also, since ninety percent of the hiking trails pass through the rainforests, don’t forget to carry a protective gear for saving the backpack from rain.

Weather Special Clothes

You also have to ensure that the clothes you will wear suit the temperature and climate of the place. The overall temperature of the rainforest hiking routes remains warm, and hence, you need to carry a pair of fresh, comfortable cloth wearing which you will be able to continue with the trekking. You can wear shorts, tank tops, hoodies, sleeveless wife beater shirts, and even the short-sleeved shirts with tights.


If you are going on a waterfall hiking trip, carrying a swimsuit is must. You won’t be able to resist yourself from taking a dip in the waterfall water and have fun with others. This is why you need to carry a swimsuit appropriate for the area.

Protective Gears For The Forest Wildlife And Climate

Rainforests have slippery floors because of which you need to carry the anti-slip hiking boots. They have rougher surfaces with grippers which will help you to walk in the forest easily. Next, do not forget to carry the emergency first aid, especially bandages and antiseptics since scratches and cuts are common in hiking. Another important thing which you can’t miss on is the mosquito repellant cream, to ensure that you are not distracted from your hiking mission at any cost.


Even though the hiking trails are filled with adventure and thrill, you need to ensure your own safety. We hope that our little list will at least give you an idea about what things you should put into your backpack and why.