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Travel Tours Should Awake Your Senses, Not Put You to Sleep

costa-rica-adventure-atv-tours-muddy-riders-600x450Too many people go on vacation and book travel tours that are simply boring. Sightseeing is great, but there is only so much that you can do without getting off of the bus and into the street, or in this case nature – to awake your senses.  Watching something from afar isn’t a good way to experience life.  You can gain more knowledge than watching a documentary at home, but not much.  In order to really experience something, you need to engage with it. You need to participate.

If you are coming to Costa Rica, you should take advantage of the opportunity to experience travel tours in nature’s most wonderful playground!  Our jungles are lush; our wildlife is unique, and our views are majestic.  We recommend that you get off the bus, off the street, and into nature so that you can become a part of the Costa Rica experience, rather than simply observing it.

In order to do this, we offer travel tours that will awaken your senses.  When you arrive at Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours, we will provide you with a variety of ways to experience Costa Rica.  You can create your own experience by selecting what activities you are interested in.  Everything happens here, in one location which allows us to be flexible and for you to have more fun!

Each of our travel tours is designed with adventure in mind.  Even our relaxed tours involve you riding in an open air ATV.  This bumpy ride will take you off road into the jungle, across rivers, and the valleys so that you can get a first-hand glimpse into the amazing sights and sounds of Costa Rica without being confined to a car or bus.

If you want to get out there, we recommend getting off of the ATV and hiking through the park with us.  We can take you across the valley and up into the hills where you can rappel down the face of 180 foot waterfall.  If the strong rushing water doesn’t intimidate you, continue on and ride our zip line as it takes you across canyons, rivers, and valleys for a breathtaking adventure. The zip line has ten platforms and the longest run is over 2,000 feet, making for a thrilling experience. These are amazing ways to experience Costa Rica and one you are unlikely to forget! Watch the video now!

For animal lovers, we suggest that you explore the park by riding a horse. There is something peaceful and natural about riding a horse across the valley and allowing it to explore areas that a car would never be able to go.  You can observe the gorgeous scenery and watch for monkeys, birds, frogs and the other wildlife that are abundant here.

Our goal is to provide travel tours that allow you to immerse yourself in Costa Rica, experience the majesty of our wildlife and landscapes, and awaken your senses!  This is a unique place and one of the most beautiful in the world.  It can only be experienced by putting away your phone, unplugging and heading out into the wild for your own incredible adventure.


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