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We Offer Adventures in Costa Rica for the Daredevil Inside of You

Adventures in Costa RicaIf you’re looking for adventures in Costa Rica, Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours is the perfect place for you!  This isn’t your grandmothers’ travel tour with boring bus guides and sightseeing from a distance. We offer an up close and personal way to experience the majesty of Costa Rica and our rich and exciting landscape.

Imagine going for a hike through the rainforest, listening for the sounds of exotic birds and watching for monkeys along the trail.  As you continue on your hike, the fresh smell of earth and trees will embrace you, and you will suddenly hear the thunderous sound of rushing water – you have arrived. Costa Rica is known for expansive and powerful waterfalls, and now you can witness them first hand.

We are all about adventures in Costa Rica! So instead of looking at the waterfall; you get to rappel down a waterfall.  This is an adrenaline rush and one you won’t forget.  You will rappel down the face of a 180-foot waterfall with fast, rushing water.  Get ready to feel like you are jumping off of a cliff and hold on tight!  You will be perfectly safe in a harness, but the adrenaline rush you get will make you feel like Indiana Jones on his latest adventure.

If waterfall rappelling isn’t enough for you, we have other adventures in Costa Rica that will get your heart pumping.

Try a zip line. If you have ever wanted to fly, this is the adventure for you.  With a zip line, you are secured in place using a harness that is attached to a strong metal cable.  You start off on a platform high up in the trees, jump off and fly through the air for a breathtaking experience.  During your journey, you will stop at various places so that you can take in the majestic scenery around you (the longest continuous stretch is 2,000 feet) .  Our zip line tour sends you flying across canyons, rivers, and the valley so that you can experience things only viewed from the air while the adventurous side of you gets let out.

Ride an ATV.  This is an awesome way to experience Ocean Ranch Park because you can ride out in the open and across our diverse terrain.  Ride into the jungle, through the valley and across the river.  This is a bumpy adventure that is an excellent option for someone that doesn’t want to go hiking, but wants to tour the park.  You will see waterfalls, wildlife, vegetation and more while having a great time running around with your friends.

Ride horses.  Experience the freedom that comes from riding a strong and majestic horse across a Costa Rican valley.  This is an amazing way to experience nature and will simultaneously bring out the kid in you.  Riding a horse lets you explore places that you can’t see in a car or ATV, and the park becomes yours for the taking.

We allow our guests to customize their adventures in Costa Rica, so whether you want to rappel down waterfalls or ride an ATV, we can create a tour that will bring out your wild side.


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