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The Ultimate Costa Rican Spring Break Guide

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The best thing about college? Going on spring break, of course!

But planning the ultimate vacation can sometimes be a bit tricky. Because of the crazy amount places to choose from. At some point, even thinking about your ideal spring break can turn into a nightmare. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with two words: Costa Rica.

What About Costa Rica?
First, let’s first find out a few facts about this paradisiacal place. But beware, you may fall in love forever. Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West and by the Caribbean Sea to the East.

That makes Costa Rica one of the best places to stay for water activity lovers. Even better, the country has a tropical climate all year round, but spring breakers will be able to catch the best months right before the rainy season.
For all the explorers out there, Costa Rica has an extreme biodiversity to offer. Monkeys, turtles, big cats, sloths… you name it! But with the abundance of things to see in Costa Rica, planning your spring break can still be a hard thing to do. Allow us to help you with this part as well.

What to Do?
The time has come to understand what kind of spring break you want. Going with a group of friends to have the time of your life? Or are you the family person that loves spending time with your cousins? Yeah, the company you come with is a crucial factor for your vacation. So, choose wisely!
The next question is whether you are into extreme kind of activities or prefer to explore a new place more quietly? Answer these inquiries, before starting the search.

Consider the wishes of the people you are coming with, but also to take into account your own desires. It certainly is the time to try something new. And maybe even something that used to scare you a bit.

For the extreme fans and the ones that want to get out of their comfort zone:
You’re going to have to be ready to get wet on this excursion. We’re talking about waterfalls, rappels, monkey drops, and an over 2000 foot long zipline!

You will definitely have a few things to talk about when you get home. Whether you decide to take this tour with your friends or with your family, everyone is going to get the right amount of thrills.

When it comes to different extreme activities, Costa Rica is a goldmine. Skydiving, Rafting, rappels, ATV tour and anything else you think your adrenaline can handle!
There are even extreme options for the lads that want to do something fun without the physical effort. We’re talking about our:


Travel along one of the most crocodile populated rivers in the world! During the tour, you will be safe and sound in a boat, but the wildlife around will surely make your blood rush through your veins.

Prefer to stay on the ground, but still want to get a little closer to the Costa Rican flora and fauna? Then the BIRD WATCHING TOUR is just right for you!

Trek around a picturesque rainforest to capture the best moments and the most colorful birds around on your camera. The photos from the trip will be able to revive your memories years afterward.

What Can Possibly Make Costa Rica Even Better?
Spring break is a magnificent time in every student’s life. The Costa Rican attractions, nature, tours, cuisine, nightlife, and people will make sure you do not regret your decision.


But there is even more to this truly magnificent place that will leave you speechless.
Costa Rica is one of only a few countries that don’t have a standing army. By choice!
When it comes to comparing Costa Rica to other countries of the same income, this Republic has reached a much higher level of human development than any other. This country is the exception, one that understands that its natural resources are its greatest treasures.


That is why Costa Rica decided to take the path of ecotourism. Ultimately, it was named the greenest country on the planet in 2009. And this is only the beginning of a long, but amazing road!


Costa Rica is a happy country with cheery people that live in harmony with nature. And that is exactly what you feel with every fiber of your soul when you get here. What a great place to be!

Catch A Plane Now!
When all of your friends ask where you went this year, you can tell them about all the incredible adventures you had in Costa Rica. Better yet, bring them with you and make it an unforgettable experience together! If you have any questions about how to make your Spring Break the best it can be, call us at (US) 949-208-1158, or (Costa Rica) 506-2643-2182, or email us at!