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A True Getaway Honeymoon Destination

After all that stress with wedding planning, and the wedding itself, aren’t you just looking forward to simply enjoying the company of your spouse and start the beginning of your forever on a romantic honeymoon? Why not spend it in a place close to paradise? Why not in the Central American country of Costa Rica?




Costa Rica is a country in Central America with exotic forests and pristine beaches. It has a diverse culture, exquisite food and welcoming people. It is a popular getaway place for folks up all around the world to enjoy the sun in the tropics and get a warm respite from winter.


It is a very popular choice for honeymooners as well. There are many direct flights from US and Canada to major airports in Costa Rica.  Within a few hours, honeymooners can enjoy Costa Rica’s rugged and lush rainforest and coastlines of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


Don’t hesitate to book that flight because there’s definitely plenty to do and enjoy in our country!


People of Costa Rica


The people of Costa Rica are called “Ticos,” and they have a reputation for being friendly, hospitable and kind people. Tourists are generally warmly accepted and treated well.


The Ticos are mixed race, because of the country’s colonial past. A large part of their population descended from Spanish immigrants, and the Spanish influence is evident in the language, food, and social mores of the Ticos.


Looking for a chance to use what you’ve learned in those Spanish classes? This is your chance!


No worries if you or your spouse cannot speak fluently in Spanish. The Ticos speak English fairly well, especially if they are in the tourist industry, and you shouldn’t be concerned about language barrier during your honeymoon.


What to Do in Costa Rica


Different couples have different ideas for their perfect honeymoon. Some honeymooners would want to be cooped up in their hotel room with their rose-petal covered beds and champagne bottles while enjoying the sunset with their significant other.


Other couples would like to enjoy nature and engage in some adrenaline-packed adventures with their partners and experience the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer – that means mountains, rivers, beaches, and the sun! Well, in Costa Rica, the opportunities are endless.


For your honeymoon, you certainly want an intimate and relaxed time with your wife or husband. It is in every honeymooner’s wish list to have great service, a romantic view, wonderful food and just a beautiful time altogether.


Sometimes, being in a kid-free zone can really make a difference, especially if you are on your honeymoon! An adults-only resort hotel is certainly the way to go for newly-wedded couples.


In Costa Rica, there are quite a few that you can choose from.  Some of the highest-ranked hotels include the Occidental Papagayo, Secrets Papagayo and Andaz Peninsula Papagayo.


At night, couples can experience nightlife in Jaco, a town known for its nightlife that offers anything from live bands, clubbing, to karaoke! There’s also plenty of restaurants to choose from that won’t break the bank.


Why not try some of the “street meat” offered in some restaurants. Despite the name, they are actually known to be clean and safe not to mention, quickly prepared for customers.


Nature and Adventure


Being a tropical country, it would be certainly regrettable not to enjoy wildlife while you are on your honeymoon. In Costa Rica, there are tours that make this activity accessible and enjoyable for all honeymooners.


One of these tours is being offered by Ocean Ranch Park for only $65.00 per person – it’s quite a steal! The Horseback Riding Tour is a great way to view and enjoy the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.


By booking this tour, you will be carried by their well-loved and cared-for horses to tranquil rivers and mountainside of Costa Rica. While on tour, you and your spouse will get some face-time with exotic creatures like the white-faced monkey and see exquisite flora and fauna that is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for honeymooners.


If you are looking for a fun, safe and memorable honeymoon, you should certainly be looking at Costa Rica. There are options for everyone. Costa Rica offers the tranquility a paradise should offer, as well as the adventure that fun-loving couples will enjoy.

Come Visit!

Costa Rica has absolutely everything you could ever want in an ideal honeymoon destination. If you have any questions about how to make your honeymoon special that we didn’t mention, call us at (US) 949-208-1158, or (Costa Rica) 506-2643-2182, or email us at!