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The Perfect Getaway This Spring

Winter vacation is long gone and summer just seems too far away. The work week seems to be getting longer and longer and the days are blurring together. Do you find yourself dreaming about warmer weather, beautiful beaches and exciting adventures? Well, who says Spring Break is just for kids!? These upcoming Spring months are the perfect time to getaway and enjoy some much-needed R and R before the busiest months of the summer take over.

We’re about to breakdown the perfect getaway for you this Spring! Here are 3 reasons why Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours in Costa Rica offer you the perfect getaway this Spring.

  1. Much Needed Relaxation

Can anyone say nap time? After a few months of endless work there is nothing like a nice getaway to Costa Rica to enjoy all of the beautiful features and adventures that await. Ocean Ranch Park not only offers thrilling adventure but also peaceful tours that help you indulge in the serenity of the landscape. There’s nothing like a relaxing horseback ride to get that much needed rest and relaxation. Ocean Ranch Park offers relaxing and scenic horseback riding tours that are sure to impress. On the same note, you can enjoy a calming bird watching tour while learning about the native species.


  1. Beautiful Beaches, Scenery and Wildlife

Anything is more attractive than your office walls, but not many views beat those of the Costa Rica beaches! Costa Rica has over 300 unique beaches all with their own distinct features and appeals. From black sand to white sand and shell covered beaches to white fluffy sand there are endless attractions!

Costa Rica is also home to some incredible wildlife thanks to Panama, which connects the South and North American continents and all of their wildlife! From unique birds and reptiles to rare insects and wild cats, there is so much to see! You can be sure to get your mind off of work when your exploring the natural wildlife and scenery in Costa Rica!


  1. Exciting Adventure

Last but not least, the best way to let loose and enjoy your Spring getaway is through the thrill of Ocean REanch Park’s various Eco Tours! Whether you’re flying through the jungle on our extreme canyoning tour, or zipping across the land on an ATV tour, we know you will be living in the moment and enjoying every bit of the adrenaline rush! From ziplining to crocodiles and sport fishing, there is something for everyone! You can even experience a waterfall rappel tour that takes you through our private waterfall hidden in the jungle, his is an amazing and breathtaking experience! No matter how you like to explore, there is adventure available for everyone!


So what are you waiting for? I think it’s time to clock out and learn more about Jaco, Costa Rica and Ocean Ranch Park’s Eco Tours to start planning your perfect Spring getaway.

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