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ATV Riding Safety Tips

ATV riding is an amazing, fun, and exciting way to explore the lesser known and wilder regions of any given region. With its all-terrain abilities, it is a great way to explore the great outdoors. Many believe that riding an ATV is just like operating a car, but it is not. Keep in mind that while ATV riding, while really fun, can be extremely dangerous, especially if proper precautions are not taken. There have been many injuries and deaths associated with ATV use, so proper conduct is a must to avoid any tragedy or incident. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, here are some safety tips you should review and consider.

  1. Always wear all required safety gear.

Just like when operating a bicycle or a motorcycle, you should and must wear all the protective gear necessary. Remember to always wear your helmet, as the most fatal accidents involve the rider falling off onto their heads. Proper eye protection is needed as well, since you might be going at high speeds in wild areas, something might hit you in the face or your eyes. Gloves will protect your hands, and wearing long sleeved shirts and pants will prevent severe skin scraping.

  1. Only have one rider per vehicle.

ATVs are designed for only one rider at a time (unless the ones designed for more). Anything more will make the vehicle a lot harder to operate as it is over capacity, making it unstable and more prone to rolling over and causing possibly fatal injuries.

  1. Take the time to inspect.

It is important to check your vehicle before riding it. Check everything for signs of damage and to see if everything is intact.

  1. Don’t go off alone.

Accidents can happen, even if you follow all the rules. If these cases, you want someone to be there to assist you immediately and call for help. Getting lost, crashing, or running out of fuel are incidents that you don’t want to happen, especially when you’re alone in the middle of the wilderness. And besides, ATV riding is a lot more enjoyable with friends.

  1. No tired/drunk driving.

This is common sense. Controlling a vehicle like an ATV requires your most focused state of mind, awareness, and reflexes. Don’t put yourself and others in danger.

  1. Only ride in the appropriate areas.

Do not go off into areas that seem dangerous or are off the designated path, as you might get lost or go into areas that are ATV rideable. Avoid streets and roads, since ATV are not design to ride on this kind of terrain.

  1. Listen to the safety course

You will learn how to properly operate the ATV and appropriate behavior while riding. This is especially crucial if you have younger people along for this trek.