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Costa Rica Adventure: Vol. 9 – Lucie B. Fink – Youtube Extraordinaire

Refinery29’s Lifestyle Host, Lucie Fink, jumps into the spotlight of Costa Rica Adventures Vol. 9. The New York millennial recently visited Costa Rica and Ocean Ranch Park for a week of R&R, adventures, and yoga to reset her mind and body the pura vida way! We cracked a coconut and caught up with her to find out about her 5 Days On An Adventure in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica!   

  1. So Lucie, for those of us who don’t know – tell us about yourself? Who are you, what do you do?

I am a video producer and host at Refinery29 where I produce lifestyle video content! My main series here is called “Try Living with Lucie” – a vlog-style format where I take on a lifestyle change for 5 days and document my experience for the audience. I am also a stop motion video artist and a social media influencer on Instagram (@luciebfink).

  1. How did you find out about Ocean Ranch Park and what outdoor activities did you ramble on?

I was on a Ketanga Fitness Retreat in Costa Rica and we had a bunch of activities planned that took place at Ocean Ranch Park. We went zip lining / waterfall rappelling and we created the above video about our experience.

  1. What was your favorite experience? Any specific moment of bliss, beauty, clarity, or adrenaline that awakened your senses?

My favorite moment was on the highest zip line; the view was absolutely breathtaking! I forgot to bring my camera with me on that run, so I experienced it all first-hand in person. We were SO high above the treetops…it felt surreal.






  1. Is there a funny story or something unique that happened during your park visit?

As we hiked up to the first zip line, I tripped on the trail! I didn’t get hurt; it was actually really funny. The cameras were not rolling, however, so sadly we didn’t capture that blooper on film!

  1. Did you conquer any fears while you were at Ocean Ranch Park?

Yes! I had been zip lining before in the northeastern US, so the Costa Rican jungle was definitely a change of scenery. I was scared at first (holding onto the rope for dear life), but by the end, I was flipping upside down and totally conquered my fear!

  1. Why were you drawn to Costa Rica?

I had never been to Costa Rica before but I heard that it was absolutely stunning. I love wildlife and there aren’t many places in the world where you’re so immersed in nature!







7. If you could choose one way to get to work every day what would it be? By zip line or waterfall rappel?

Zip line for sure! It’s super fast and fun!

8. Did you travel anywhere else in Costa Rica? If so, what was the best part?

We spent most of our time in Esterillos Oeste and one day in San Jose. I loved the coast the best because I’m such an ocean girl. I love to swim!

9. What’s your best tip for travel? Either for Costa Rica or elsewhere?

Make sure to bring a lot of water with you – especially if you’re going to be hiking and doing a lot of physical activity. I bring my Swell water bottle everywhere and it keeps drinks hot and cold for hours.


10. Where can we find you to stay connected?

11. Last question: Did you ever find out if you are really allergic to pineapple?

I don’t think I’m really allergic! My fans told me there’s an enzyme in pineapple that makes your tongue feel tickly….I’m going to have to trust them on this one!



Photo: Andrew Kennelly

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