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Our Jaco Adventure Tours Go Off-Road and Into Nature

Jaco Adventure ToursIf you are looking at Jaco adventure tours, look no further than Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventure Tours!  Our tours are designed with the adventurer in mind. Costa Rica is not your standard vacation destination.  Our eco-tourism takes travelers off the cement streets and into the wild for dynamic adventure.

It is important to visit Costa Rica and stay outdoors as much as possible. This way you can truly experience our culture and our wildlife.  Ocean Ranch Park is an excellent place to do so, because we are self-contained.  You can stay for a day or several days and have a variety of outdoor adventure tours.  We also have a restaurant so that you can dine here and not need to head into Jaco.

We offer Jaco adventure tours that go off-road with our ATV tours.  Riding on an ATV is thrilling and fun.  You can speed across the terrain, drive over rocks, into the creek and through the valley without stopping.  Race your friends or take it slow and view the wildlife – the choice is yours. Our guests love our ATV tours because they can combine the thrill of racing through the valley with the ability to go places where no one else is around.  We also have a low-speed tour for those concerned about safety.

While driving along, stop and witness the beauty of Costa Rica around you. Our guests will frequently see a variety of wildlife including monkeys, exotic birds, frogs, and more.  The Costa Rican valley and jungles are known for its vibrant wildlife and lush greenery.  You will be in the middle of it.   Bring your camera and snap pictures along the way. We do recommend that you place it in a plastic bag so that it won’t get wet or dirty along the trail.

The adventurers in the group will love that our Jaco adventure tours are off the beaten path. Driving through mud puddles, and bumpy terrain many of our guests come out covered in mud and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

While on a family vacation, it’s time to unwind and let go.  Instead of worrying about what needs to be done at the office or assignments that are due at school, Costa Rica is a place to throw it all away and focus on the here and now. When visiting Ocean Ranch Park, you have the opportunity to do so.  Our Jaco adventure tours will keep you busy and occupied so that you don’t have time to worry about what you left behind and can focus on the moments in front of you.

We recommend that you grab your family and friends, create a group and schedule some adventure time.  When you are done with riding ATVs, you can try the zip line, go for a hike, ride a horse, rappel down a waterfall and more.  Adventure awaits you at Ocean Ranch Park so schedule your Jaco adventure tours today.


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